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Ro’i (Hebrew: רוֹעִ”י‎‎) is a moshav and Israeli settlement in the West Bank. Located in the Jordan Valley, it falls under the jurisdiction of Bik’at HaYarden Regional Council. In 2006 it had a population of 128.
The village was established in September 1976 as a Nahal settlement, and was converted to a civilian moshav two years later. Its name is an acronym for Ramat Uzi Yairi, a former commander of the IDF’s Paratroopers Brigade who was killed in the ...

TubeMogul Finds That Most Viewers Never See Pre-Roll Video Ads

TubeMogul Finds That Most Viewers Never See Pre Roll Video Ads

TubeMogul does some fairly interesting research from time to time. This time they embarked on a journey of discovery in regards to how many unique visitors to a media company homepage will watch a pre-roll video ad. As we don't always go to broadcaster sites …

How To Reach Your Online Video and Social Media ROI Goals

How To Reach Your Online Video and Social Media ROI Goals

This is one of those "top view" big picture type articles designed  to help you think a little differently about the question of predicting, planning for and delivering ROI for online video and social media campaigns. Return on investment is something that hits every marketing …

Behind-the-Scenes With Coincident TV – Tying Content Together in Creative, Interactive Ways

Behind the Scenes With Coincident TV – Tying Content Together in Creative, Interactive Ways

Coincident TV, like Qoof, wants to make your video content more interactive. However, unlike Qoof who was aimed more at eRetailers, Coincident TV is aiming to bring more content into the video viewing experience and integrating other content as well. I did not get to …

Education Is The #1 Reason Marketers Use Website Video

Education Is The #1 Reason Marketers Use Website Video

Today we get to find out a little bit more about how today's marketers are employing video in their business, courtesy of a fascinating new study.  The study is from King Fish Media, Hubspot, and Junta 42, and you can see the full report here—there's …

Optimizing Online Video for ROI – Making Video Accountable

The demand for video from consumers has long been identified and early adopters in the e-tailing segment, such as Zappos, have publicly announced their intention to provide video alongside tens of thousands of product offerings in the coming year. There is a developing consensus that …

Brightroll Rolls Out ROI Measurement Products

Keep rolling, rolling, rolling…out the new products! Brightroll teamed up with Vizu, Nielsen, InsightExpress and comScore to put together a series of new measurement products for its users. Roll on through to find out more.

E-Commerce Retailers Find Value In Online Video

Our pals at eMarketer (well not sure we're exactly pals) have done some new research pertaining to how retailers see the value of online video panning out. From all indications, it seems to be quite good.

Education Is Key To Future Growth for Video Advertising

BrightRoll dropped some numbers from their second annual survey about what media buyers and agencies are planning in regards to spending patterns for online video advertising.  Let's see what they had to say.

YouTube Restrictive On Ad Placement, Still

TubeMogul did some finger pointing this week showing that YouTube is showing ads on less than 50% of their top 100 videos. Why? Read more!

10 Things To Test When Optimizing Video for Conversions

Let's make one thing clear. Video works. The right video solution on your page will increase the number of people that reach your conversion goal. Whoa! Too much jargon? I'll make it simple. Your site has one main function – to make you money. The …

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