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Revver is the first online video platform that allows digital video creators to
share, track, and monetize their content throughout the Internet and across
multiple distribution channels, including broadband, mobile and broadcast. When
submitting videos to, users can automatically share them online and
also opt into mobile and broadcast distribution. On the Internet, Revver
matches each video with relevant advertising, encourages sharing by paying

Video Marketing and Video SEO Best Practices WhiteSheet

The folks over at TubeMogul have compiled a great report titled, "Web Video Marketing – Best Practices." They were kind enough to let me know that I could share this report with my readers. In this report, TubeMogul shares with us a formula that they …

Video Industry Weekly Recap – 10/19/2007

Userplane Launches 'Feeds' to Provide Collection of APIs Business Wire San Francisco,CA,USA The Truveo Video Search API allows developers to easily integrate a feature-rich video search service into their websites. Blinkx and Ixquick Merge with By John Satter In short, the two companies have …

How To Upload Videos To Multiple Sites At Once.

Has anyone tried I am curious what your comments are on this tool if you have tried it. Basically, it is a FREE (as of 8/2009, not Free anymore… bummer) online tool that allows users to send videos to multiple video search and video …

Revver WordPress Plugin – Video Blogging With WordPress

Create a Video Blog (Vlog) for Free and monetize it with the new Revver Plugin. The revver plugin gives you all you need to create a personal video sharing site. Installing this plugin will give you a full featured video blog on wordpress which integrates …

List of Major Video Search Engines and Summaries of Each.

List of Major Video Search Engines and Summaries of Each.

When the World Wide Web was first conceptualized by Sir Timothy John Berners-Lee at CERN, he might never have thought that one day his gift to the mankind would be used for searching and sharing videos. But today searching the web is a big phenomena …

Video SEO: Tips for Clips That Capture Results

Video SEO: Tips for Clips that Capture Results By Michelle Megna June 20, 2007 One of the hottest trends in e-commerce right now is the use of video, whether to showcase how to use a product and highlight features, to provide more intimate testimonials or …

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