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Revver is the first online video platform that allows digital video creators to
share, track, and monetize their content throughout the Internet and across
multiple distribution channels, including broadband, mobile and broadcast. When
submitting videos to, users can automatically share them online and
also opt into mobile and broadcast distribution. On the Internet, Revver
matches each video with relevant advertising, encourages sharing by paying

Free Video Upload and Tracking Tool – Vidmetrix

VidMetrix is a new online video service and tool which enables you to automatically upload your video file to all major video sharing website networks. Similar to Tubemogul, vidmetrix will not only help you upload your file at once to all major engines, but will … Search and Download Youtube Videos Better

A brand new web2.0 site launched on Nov. 22nd. iDesktopTV, is a new way to watch, organize, and download Youtube Videos. Currently, there are tons of different tools, widgets, and plugins, that are available and either take advantage of Youtube's API or utilize source code …

Video – Revver $35 CPM On Select Videos

Video   Revver $35 CPM On Select Videos

Revver, the Los Angeles-based video sharing/advertising network, is providing independent content creators up as much as $35 per thousand views of certain videos with strong advertising sponsorship appeal. Some videos get just $3.

Characteristics of Video Sharing Sites and Monetization

TubeMogul released a nice summary of the online-video search and sharing sites that it supports and provided an excellent post with a summary of user feedback about each site and the monetization opportunities and status. The following sites are included: Youtube, Yahoo, DailyMotion, MySpace, MetaCafe, …

Video Search Monitoring and Clipping Service

Video Monitoring and Video Clipping Service New Video Monitoring Service Automatically Searches Consumer Video Sharing Sites Each Day for Video Clips about Companies or Brands; Free Trial Offered CyberAlert, Inc., the worldwide media monitoring and measurement service, today announced the launch of CyberAlert VDO, the …

Video Showcase State-of-Art Video Retreival Systems

This video gives a multimedia impression of VideOlympics at Beeld en Geluid, the Dutch national broadcast archive.  At the videolympics, researchers from all over the world demonstrate, test, and compete with various state-of-the-art in video retrieval systems from IBM, FXPAL, ITI Interactive, several universities, etc…   …

Places To Find High Definition (HD) Videos Online

Places To Find High Definition (HD) Videos Online

Each day it seems we hear a news item related to HD video online. Just this week, we saw an announcement from Akamai about their HD Web site which offers videos from a host of television networks such as BBC, NBA, MTV, and CBS. So, …

Video – Shelly Palmer Discusses Video Search Metadata

Shelly Palmer, Lydia Loizides & Joe Laszlo discuss why Google is not "Google for Video." Key insights about the need for robust video search technology and why metadata is important.

Detailed Instructions On Video Blogging – Vlogging Guide

Vlogging is the short form of video blogging; sometimes it is also termed videodcasting. Mostly all blog sites provide syndicated feeds through RSS, Atom etc. and some feeds provide enclosures too. Video is contained within the enclosures. Vlogging is the practice of attaching video to …

Research – Comparison of Online Video Viewership Statistics

What Counts as a View? – Testing for Various Online Video Sites I. Research Abstract This report discusses the findings of an experiment designed to test which actions result in a "view" as measured on eight online video websites. The impetus for this research was …

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