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Revver is the first online video platform that allows digital video creators to
share, track, and monetize their content throughout the Internet and across
multiple distribution channels, including broadband, mobile and broadcast. When
submitting videos to, users can automatically share them online and
also opt into mobile and broadcast distribution. On the Internet, Revver
matches each video with relevant advertising, encourages sharing by paying

Throwback Thursday: When Mentos and Diet Coke Went Viral

Throwback Thursday: When Mentos and Diet Coke Went Viral

For Throwback Thursday we take a look at Eepybird, who combined Diet Coke and Mentos and created the first earned-media viral video. And by viral, we mean VIRAL, over YouTube, Revver, Vimeo, Google Video (pre-YouTube) and on TV. Ahhhh, the memories.

Why Don't All Video Platforms Display Video View Counts?!

Why Don't All Video Platforms Display Video View Counts?!

When I was preparing a post about Red Letter Media's Star Wars reviews earlier in the week, I discovered something surprising.  Well, it was surprising to me.–where Red Letter's latest video is hosted–doesn't share video view counts publicly on the website.  It was important …

List of Online Video Platform APIs

As most of you know, an online video platform provides companies with video hosting and delivery services among various other features and functionality that can vary (analytics, ad networks, HD support, etc…).  Many of these online video platforms (and there are just too many right now …

Upload Videos To Multiple Video Sharing Sites

Upload Videos To Multiple Video Sharing Sites

So, you've got some videos made and you want to get them out there as fast and efficiently as possible. That means you probably want some tools to upload them to multiple video sites automatically right? Right! Here's some of the coolest tools we found …

Review of Revenue Sharing Video Sharing Sites

This is a direct excerpt from a great article titled, "Rise of an Internet Star – Parlaying YouTube Fame Into Big Business" on ReadWriteWeb. You might not have the time to create a regular series of videos, but if you can find the time to …

LiveUniverse Officially Announces Revver Acquisition, the leading interactive live video community, a subsidiary of online entertainment network LiveUniverse, Inc. ("the Company"), has joined forces with Hollywood-based and acquired 100% of the stock of the online video pioneer. MySpace Founder Brad Greenspan is the Founder/Chairman/CEO of parent company LiveUniverse, …

LiveUniverse Buys Revver

Kudos to Liz Gainnes at NewTeeVee for breaking this one… Last night, Brad Greenspan's LiveUniverse bought the video sharing site, Revver, for a price "many multiples more" than the $500,000 to $1.5 million that was recently reported. Click here to read the whole story.

Buy Revver Video Sharing for Only $500K

According to several sites across the net today, sources close to Revver are reporting that Revver has been trying to shop around for buyers for months and apparently they are offering the company at fire-sale prices. "Revver's asking price is between $300,000 and $500,000, as …

Revver, Please Dont Go Away Yet

Ok, so I am seeing tons of posts out there in the rumor mill pointing to the possibility of Revver going under soon, so let me add to the mix. I know that there are just too many (my opinion) sites out there today competing …

Links To Video Sharing’s Most Popular Videos

Below are links to view the most popular videos at the following Video Sharing Websites: Youtube Myspace Yahoo Video AOL Video Metacafe VideoSift IFilm Grouper VSocial Revver Truveo

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