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Real Time is a webcast based on the long-running British science fiction television series Doctor Who which was then subsequently released on CD. It was produced by Big Finish Productions for BBCi, the interactive television service arm of the BBC and was originally webcast on the BBC Doctor Who website from August 2 to September 6, 2002.
There has been a series of mysterious vanishings on the desert planet Chronos in the 33rd century. Survey teams working for a university seem to have ... Launches To Track Real Time Viral Video Trends, the most popular URL-shortening service, has unveiled a very interesting new service called  Leveraging their status as the default URL shortener for Twitter messages, aims to keep its finger on the pulse of what videos are going viral at any given moment.

YouTube Adds Real-Time Comments Search

Yes, now you can watch your YouTube reputation in real time thanks to new discussion search functionality.

The Dark Side of Online Video?

Just as there are white hat and black hat hackers, SEO companies and just about everything else in the world, there is also black hat online video…the so-called pirates. But where is the line drawn between legal and illegal video and where is the line …

Video Heatmaps, A Breakthrough for Sales Teams?

Grant Crowell of ReelSEO reviews Wistia’s Video Heatmaps feature for their web-based video marketing, sales, and collaboration application.

On Video Cloud 9 – Video and Cloud-based Computing

Video can sometimes require a large amount of resources. So it's no wonder that with the ever-increasing popularity of cloud-based computing that someone realized it might be a good way to go with online video. This past week, FierceOnlineVideo published a good post that looks …

SES San Jose 2009 Offers New Focus On Social Media and Video

The Search Engines Strategies Conference & Expo (SES for short) has got some big names lined up. It was recently announced that on 11 August,  Clickz, Google and YouTube will hold an event (no not for Christophor Rick's Birthday…though it's the same day) in conjunction with …

Streaming Media Market To Grow 135% Over 5 Years

It is estimated that the streaming media business segment will generate more than $78 billion in revenue in the United States over the next six years. That's a fat stack of cash!

Twitter Viral Video Search – Twitmatic Video Search Application

Twitmatic, created by San Francisco startup ffwd,  relaunched their Twitter video search application yesterday to help users more easily find video content shared via Twitter.  Now before you go getting your hopes up you need to understand, this is a twitter video search app – IE, …

Viewcast Expands H.264 Offerings

ViewCast today announced support of H.264 streaming with Adobe Flash Media Server software. ViewCast's Niagara 7500 streaming appliance and Niagara SCX software will now stream in H.264 using the Real Time Message Protocol (RTMP) – a proprietary protocol developed by Adobe, designed for high-performance transmission …

Tubemogul Real-Time Viewership Analytics and Syndication Options for Brightcove

Today, TubeMogul announced a partnership with Brightcove whereby Brightcove's customers will benefit from new analytics and syndication capabilities provided by TubMogul. Brightcove customers will now be able to activate TubeMogul's InPlay analytics plugin which tracks viewership analytics in real time to provide insight into audience …

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