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Own Goal? Fan-made Coca-Cola Videos Score Over Branded World Cup Ads

Own Goal? Fan made Coca Cola Videos Score Over Branded World Cup Ads

On YouTube, brand videos site side-by-side with user-generated, or fan-made videos. These independent creators may choose to make videos supportive of the brand, or they may act as detractors. Coca-Cola has a very active World Cup ad campaign running on YouTube, but one fan-made video is catching all the views. And the brand aren’t responding to this particular meme.

Your Business Video Sucks, An eBook Video Marketing Disaster

Your Business Video Sucks, An eBook Video Marketing Disaster

Welcome to my revised-titled series, Your Business Video Sucks! This week, I review a web video from a well-known professional copywriter, used as a promotion for his eBook on web video tips for business. Watch it and read my review on why I think the …

Hippie Hostility To Web Video – The Capitalist Strikes Back!

ReelSEO’s Grant Crowell shares his experience with the techno-phobes and “techno-know-nothings” who are hostile to the creation and marketing of online video, and why online video is actually very “hippie-friendly.”

The Air Force Is Reading Your Tweets, Watching Your YouTube Rants

A new story from the AP today reveals how the U.S. Air Force used social media sites like Twitter and YouTube to track the fallout from the whole "Air Force One Flyover PR Disaster.” You may remember that the Obama Administration decided to have the …

Video Heatmaps, A Breakthrough for Sales Teams?

Grant Crowell of ReelSEO reviews Wistia’s Video Heatmaps feature for their web-based video marketing, sales, and collaboration application.

User Generated Video Platforms – “Show Me The Money”

http://www.reelseo.com/show-me-money/7850/ Can companies be profitable creating a UGC platform for video content? Is it time to be have this expectation for user generated video content? Grant does his rant and says yes, its time to say, “show me the money!”

Is Your Site Suffering From A “video Ghetto?”

ReelSEO's Grant Crowell hosts this special podcast on how many site owners' lack of proper visibility of their video content results in severe underperformance, creating false impressions that their audiences aren't interested video to the level of it being a sustainable product in their business …

Will It Blend (for 50 Bucks)? The ‘budget Myth’ About A Popular Viral Video Campaign

One of the myths with viral video marketing perpetuated by both search marketing pundits and mainstream media is an example they give about a wildly successful viral video campaign, claiming it was done with only chump change, so anyone else with just their own creative …

Video SEO Interview – Grant Crowell of Grantastic Designs

ReelSEO's Mark Robertson interviews Grant Crowell – Reel SEO's Senior Analyst and Founder of Grantastic Designs. Grant shares how got into professional video search engine optimization, his early origins in the search marketing industry, his stint in video production and directing, and  what pisses him …

2008 and Future Online Video Value Chain Predictions

Every Thursday at AltSearchEngines, they feature posts from Guest Authors from from the search engines themselves. Today, AltSearchEngines posted the following future predictions from Tom Wilde, CEO of EveryZing, the multimedia search and merchandising platform. In addition, ReelSEO spoke with Tom Wilde yesterday and we …

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