Should Closed Captioning of Web Video Be Mandated By Government? closed caption government

Should Closed-Captioning of Web Video Be Mandated By Government?

Grant Crowell interviews Josh Miller of 3PlayMedia, to talk about Congress' recent passing of two bills that will mandate closed-captioning of television programming over to the Internet. We discuss the questions: Will other “professional” online video programs be next? And, is legislation necessary, or will organizations determine that transcription and captioning of video content has a worthwhile ROI regardless of any mandate?

Will John McCain's Surge Into Online Video Result In Victory?

ReelSEO's Grant Crowell reviews Senator John McCain's new user-generated video strategy on his website – the “video supporter wall” – being touted by his campaign as a key feature to winning re-election in the contested and heated Arizona Senate race. What lessons have been learned since their 2008 online video trouncing from team Obama?

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