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Programming is a form of music production and performance using electronic devices, often sequencers or computer programs, to generate music. Programming is used in nearly all forms of electronic music and in most hip hop music since the 1990s. It is also frequently used in modern pop and rock music from various regions of the world, and sometimes in jazz and contemporary classical music. Recently, programming has been incorporated into various styles of post-hardcore and metalcore music.

Entertainment Weekly Teams Up With YouTube To Power Video-Based Fall TV Preview

Entertainment Weekly Teams Up With YouTube To Power Video Based Fall TV Preview

I used to subscribe to Entertainment Weekly for many years, and the Fall TV Preview is, without a doubt, one of the best issues of the calendar year.  The magazine breaks down all the new and returning shows from the networks and major cable stations, ... Lists 6 Reasons Why Adobe's Flash Will NOT Die Lists 6 Reasons Why Adobes Flash Will NOT Die

Howard Wen from ComputerWorld (US) writing at gave a lengthy list of reasons why you can end your Flash Deathwatch pool. If you remember, a while back, Youtube also gave a list of reasons as well. It's good to see people getting over the ...

Should Closed-Captioning of Web Video Be Mandated By Government?

Should Closed Captioning of Web Video Be Mandated By Government?

Grant Crowell interviews Josh Miller of 3PlayMedia, to talk about Congress' recent passing of two bills that will mandate closed-captioning of television programming over to the Internet. We discuss the questions: Will other “professional” online video programs be next? And, is legislation necessary, or will organizations determine that transcription and captioning of video content has a worthwhile ROI regardless of any mandate?

University Study Indicates Desirable Video Content Trumps Video Production Quality

University Study Indicates Desirable Video Content Trumps Video Production Quality

When you produce a piece of online video content, you probably pay a lot of attention to the quality of the sound and picture.  You want the best possible presentation of your work.  But sometimes, if you're like me, you can get ahead of yourself, ...

E-Commerce Video SEO Snapshot Spells Huge Opportunity for Internet Retailers

E Commerce Video SEO Snapshot Spells Huge Opportunity for Internet Retailers

We've seen a lot of research pointing to how effectively video helps increase conversion, sales and revenue for online retailers. But just how well are the online retailers doing from a search engine optimization viewpoint for that same video? Not well according to some recent ...

UStream Not Worried By Prospect of YouTube Live Video Service

UStream co-founder and CEO, John Ham, sat down and talked with TechCrunch's Jason Kinkaid recently to discuss the future of live streaming video on the web—and the looming prospect of YouTube jumping into that arena.  It's a pretty interesting read, and I suggest you check ...

Initial Viewership Numbers for CBS' Online March Madness Broadcast Are Very Impressive

There's some pretty good evidence coming out today that online viewership of the NCAA March Madness basketball tournament is up from last year—as expected. On just the first day of the tournament, Thursday of last week, there were 3 million unique visitors.  CBS was hoping ...

Will John McCain's Surge Into Online Video Result In Victory?

ReelSEO's Grant Crowell reviews Senator John McCain's new user-generated video strategy on his website – the “video supporter wall” – being touted by his campaign as a key feature to winning re-election in the contested and heated Arizona Senate race. What lessons have been learned since their 2008 online video trouncing from team Obama?

Clicker Wants To Be Your Web TV Search Engine - They're Mine

Clicker is an online video discovery service—essentially a TV Guide for finding video programming online.  Today they announced that they'd closed another round of financing ($11 Million), which speaks pretty highly of what the VC community thinks of their chances.

Comcast Adds Even More Streaming Content Online for Subscribers

Comcast continues to enhance and improve its online offerings, and now they've announced something called Fancast Xfinity--get it? It's like "infinity", but with an "X."  It must be extreme or something.

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