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Video production is videography, the process of capturing moving images on electronic media (e.g., video tape, direct to disk recording, or solid state storage like a tapeless camcorder) even streaming media. The term includes methods of production and post-production. It is the equivalent of filmmaking, but with images recorded electronically instead of film stock.
It is the art and service of creating content, video editing and delivering a finished video product as is the case of dis...

Online Video Marketing Basics: Part 2 – Choosing A Video Style

Online Video Marketing Basics: Part 2 – Choosing A Video Style

This is Part 2 of our ongoing series entitled Online Video Marketing Basics.  You may wish to first read Part 1,  which dealt with the question of why you should even want to get involved in online video, laying out a laundry list of valid …

YouTube’s Ponies Up $5 Million To Help Partners Produce Better Videos

YouTube has a lot to say this week.  First they announced a new mobile version of their site—and it rocks.  Then they officially released Leanback into the wild—it's also very cool.  Now they've announced a new grant program designed to help members of the Partner …

Video Marketing Tip for Attorneys – Offer Honest, Useful Information

Imagine that you needed to hire an attorney and you decided to search out one online.  For those attorney's that have web video, which one would you choose if you were to base your decision off their video?  Would you choose the lawyer who tells …

Video Filled The Shopping Cart Up – ECommerce Music Video

ReelSEO’s Grant Crowell reports on the marketing strategy behind the self-made online music video by e-commerce video solutions provider, with their video titled “Video Filled the Shopping Cart.” (a takeoff on MTV’s first-ever video broadcast of “Video Killed the Radio Star” by the Buggles.)

Yelp and TurnHere Parter To Bring Local Video To Small Business

Video is still riding an incredible wave of popularity.  Users have an insatiable appetite for it, and businesses are discovering new ways every day to use video to help them grow their brand and customer base.  What's more… video seems to be increasing conversions for …

A Professional Approach To Web Video – What Does A Video Producer Do?

Video is becoming ubiquitous in corporate marketing – being used for communication with both external and internal audiences. However, in an age of flip cams, low-cost editing software and tight budgets, many companies think they can easily produce video themselves and as a result, are …

5 Ways Small Businesses Can Take Advantage of YouTube

5 Ways Small Businesses Can Take Advantage of YouTube

We all know that YouTube is the number 2 search engine on the Web in terms of query volume.  It sounds impressive, but what does that mean for local businesses trying to reach customers? After all, aren't most of the 13+ billion clips watched each …

Get Automated and Personalized With E-Commerce Video

All stores want to grow their business. And as an online retailer you do that in many ways -increasing your product offering, services and site functionality. But as you grow in each area, new challenges arise, particularly in terms of logistics. Keeping track of an …

Kaltura’s New Exchange Lets Developers Strut Their Stuff

ReelSEO’s Grant Crowell interviews Kaltura CEO Ron Yekutiel at the National Association of Broadcasters conference in Las Vegas, to share about their new Exchange program connecting online video application providers to publishers.

We’re At The 2010 NAB Show In Vegas

ReelSEO’s Grant Crowell is covering the National Assocation of Broadcasters NAB Show at the Las Vegas Convention Center, starting today through April 14th, 2010. Grant is covering the latest business and technology news with online video.

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