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“Political” is song by Spirit of the West. One of the band’s most famous songs, it originally appeared on the 1988 album Labour Day. The song was written by John Mann.
Despite the band’s reputation for writing politically-themed songs, “Political” is in fact about the end of a personal romantic relationship. The verses detail the friction that led to the couple’s breakup, and the chorus confirms that “Everything, every little thing, every ...

YouTube Stars Making Big Money – What We Can Learn From Them?

YouTube Stars Making Big Money   What We Can Learn From Them?

For some time now, "moving to L.A. to break into the movie business" has been the clichéd pipe dream for most creative young Americans.  I live in Nashville, and I can tell you that a close second is "moving to Nashville to become a country …

Viral Video Lessons Round Up – Scares, Cartoon Cats, and Jet Blue Jokes

Viral Video Lessons Round Up   Scares, Cartoon Cats, and Jet Blue Jokes

Each week I keep a running list of great viral videos I stumble upon, which I then use as the basis for this weekly column.  This week's list is the longest yet—in almost a year of doing this—with nearly 20 videos that are deserving of …

What The Hamas “Online Video Threat” Can Teach Us About Freedom of Speech

ReelSEO’s Grant Crowell talks with attorney Mark Rosenberg about the recent international media attention and public outcry over an animated cartoon posted online by the military wing of the political group Hamas, and why even “psychological warfare” with online video is and should be protected free speech in this country under the First Amendment.

Improving Online Video Creative Use and Monetization

Improving Online Video Creative Use and Monetization

ReelSEO’s Grant Crowell asks Harvard Law Professor and political activist Lawrence Lessig, what technical and legal platforms best balance the protection of online video copyrights versus creative expression by others?

Mass Appeal, Personality, and Outtakes – Viral Video Round Up

For the second straight week, there are far too many viral success stories to feature in this column than I have the time or the room for.  That's why the Honorable Mention section keeps growing every week.  Anyway, some really great stuff this time, so …

Will John McCain’s Surge Into Online Video Result In Victory?

ReelSEO’s Grant Crowell reviews Senator John McCain’s new user-generated video strategy on his website – the “video supporter wall” – being touted by his campaign as a key feature to winning re-election in the contested and heated Arizona Senate race. What lessons have been learned since their 2008 online video trouncing from team Obama?

Obama Administration’s YouTube Contest Stumbles Out The Gate

Saying that you're hip doesn't necessarily make it true. The federal government's web directory, USA.gov, is hoping kids and teens are the key to growth and success.  So they're doing what any brand hoping to leverage that demographic would do:  they're holding a YouTube contest.

How Sorenson Media Supports McCain’s New Video Campaign

ReelSEO’s Grant Crowell interview the company behind Senator John McCain’s new online video program – Sorenson Media’s CEO and CTO Peter Csathy and Mike Flanders.

John McCain’s New Website Video Campaign Strategy for 2010

ReelSEO’s Grant Crowell interviews Corey Vale, Internet Marketing Director for the John McCain 2010 senate campaign, about their new user-generated video content feature – the “Video Supporter Wall.” Could 2010 be the year that political campaigns on the federal and state level finally kick it into high gear with online video?

The Impact of 2010′s Live Streaming State of The Union Address

As if you were not already aware, tonight's State of the Union is bound to make history—perhaps more for its presentation and interactivity than for the contents of its message. A few weeks back, I breathlessly raved about how YouTube was going to live stream …

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