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Free Interactive Video for All – Veeple Launches Interplay

Back in June, I wrote about some survey results published by Marketing Sherpa where 73% of video marketers indicated that interactive video functionality has a positive effect on the effectiveness of a video ad message (again, I wonder about the other 27% but…).  At ReelSEO, we …

Video Marketing Strategy: Hosted Versus Posted Video

Video Marketing Strategy: Hosted Versus Posted Video

When implementing video online, at any point in time, marketers face a decision: to host or post video? Short for: should we host video on our own servers (or use a propietary video platform) or post the content to video sharing sites? Although such a …

stream5 Rakes In New Capital To Push Forward

Online video is proving itself a strong place to invest it seems. European online video tech company stream5 recently secured a new round of investment capital. Two new investors have joined on and have brought with them a 'seven-figure sum' we're told to keep the …

Simultaneous IPhone, Web and TV Live Video? Wowza!

Telestream and Wowza have shined light on a deal between them that will offer live video production and universal streaming to the iPhone, Web and TV. That is something to say Wowza! about!

Google Developing More Dynamic Video Ads With Rockabox

Rummaging around the old Internet I found out that Google is teaming up with Tangozebra founder James booth to boost viewer engagement with video ads. His new company is called Rockabox and it's helping Google's DoubleClick to create what's called Rockabox Shutters format.

Livestream APIs and Brightcove Integration

Livestream, formerly Mogulus, have released a set of open APIs for the service expanding the ability to integrate it into your online video strategy. Plus the service is also now able to integrate its live streaming with the Brightcove video player.

Adobe Gets Serious With Open Source – Opens Up That MF

Adobe has started to take open source video serious and now has the open source media framework (osmf, strobe). Read about Adobe opens up flash media player framework

How To Fix Aspect Ratio On Youtube Videos – Remove Black Bars

How To Fix Aspect Ratio On Youtube Videos   Remove Black Bars

Long, long ago, YouTube was 4:3 only. Then the age of widescreen came and so they changed everything to 16:9. This left many videos in a square peg oblong hole situation (as in the video just doesn't fit the player window properly). So here are …

Slimming Down In A Fat Market – Ooyala Steps Up With New Video Player

Last week, Ooyala, an online video platform that we've covered many times in the past, released a completely overhauled, "Slim" new version of their video player. The new player has been aptly named, "Swift" because it is designed to offer improved playback with a faster …

FeedRoom and Clearspring Video Sharing for Social Networks

It seems that this is Video on Social Networking Month and no one told us. Today The FeedRoom and Clearspring announced a partnership to create expanded video content distribution and bookmarking on their 4.0 Enterprise Video Platform. The FeedRoom will pull Clearspring's technology into their …

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