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The State of Video for E-Commerce Retailers: Q4 2010 Report

The State of Video for E Commerce Retailers: Q4 2010 Report

Sunday Sky released their Q4 2010 research about video in eCommerce. I just managed to get into it and process the info so I could tell you about it. Their research looks at the top 50 online retailers and their use of video marketing in …

E-Commerce Retailers – Active In Social Media But Lacking Mobile Video and HTML5

E Commerce Retailers   Active In Social Media But Lacking Mobile Video and HTML5

Some retailers are more active in social media than you might imagine. A full 12% of them have more than one million fans. Brands in that category include Victoria's Secret, Kohl's, Nike, Target, Walmart and Best Buy). Over 50% have over 100,000 fans. I wish …

E-Commerce Video SEO Snapshot Spells Huge Opportunity for Internet Retailers

E Commerce Video SEO Snapshot Spells Huge Opportunity for Internet Retailers

We've seen a lot of research pointing to how effectively video helps increase conversion, sales and revenue for online retailers. But just how well are the online retailers doing from a search engine optimization viewpoint for that same video? Not well according to some recent …

Video SEO and PPC Strategies for E-Commerce Video Online

Video SEO and PPC Strategies for E Commerce Video Online

ReelSEO publisher Mark Robertson was a featured speaker this past week at the 2010 Video Commerce Summit held Seattle, Washington. We’ve included here Mark’s full presentation titled, Building on the Success of Video with New PPC and SEO Strategies, which is also available on Slideshare.

Optimized Video Delivers Success To E-Commerce Retailers

This is the story of two respected e-businesses who deployed video on their websites. One did it with SEO in mind and reaped the rewards in Google rankings and resulting page visits and sales. The other took an enormous cache of video content, uploaded it …

Announcing The 2010 Video Commerce Summit Speaker Lineup

The 2010 Video Commerce Summit has announced its speaker lineup, gaining momentum in its second year as the e-commerce industry's only annual gathering of e-commerce video practitioners and thought leaders.

SES Search Usability Panel’s Recommendations for Video SEO

ReelSEO's Contributing Guest Reporter Erika Blackwell continues her coverage of the Search Engine Strategies Chicago 2008 conference, and asks the Usability and SEO Panel – What usability tip do they recommend to clients when it comes to featuring video on their website? The panel's reply: …

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