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In mathematics, statistics, empirical sciences, computer science, or management science, mathematical optimization (alternatively, optimization or mathematical programming) is the selection of a best element (with regard to some criteria) from some set of available alternatives.
In the simplest case, an optimization problem consists of maximizing or minimizing a real function by systematically choosing input values from within an allowed set and computing the value of the function. The ...

What’s Your Online Video SEO Reputation Worth?

http://www.reelseo.com/video-reputation-seo/ Grant Crowell, reporting for ReelSEO.com, discusses the Brand, Trademark and Reputation Management session at the Search Engine Strategies San Jose conference. The panel featured a mix of one search engine, SEM solutions providers, and attorneys discussing how online video abuse is a growing problem for businesses, how we can do proper monitor and management, and when it may be necessary to “go legal.”

Youtube Optimization Tips From Youtube’s Matthew Liu

ReelSEO caught up with Matthew Liu, Product Manager for YouTube for a quick on-camera interview about best practices for optimizing videos published to youtube. http://www.reelseo.com/youtube-optimization-tips-from-youtube/

Reel Video Discovery and Video SEO Webinar

The ‘Reel’ Story on Getting your Online Video Discovered – video SEO webinar. This is the video presentation on Video SEO from Mark Robertson, founder of Reel SEO.

Microsoft Silverlight 3 Offers H.264, Full HD, Dev Tools

Version 3 of Microsoft's video player is out and included a host of new functionality including H.264  and High-Definition video. The multimedia software is available for Mac OS X (Intel-based Macs), Linux and of course, Windows.

Web Video Marketing – 10 Common Web Video Marketing Mistakes

Web Video Marketing   10 Common Web Video Marketing Mistakes

This week there was a good post by Michael Kolowich of ChannelOne Marketing titled, "Ten Ways Marketers Drop the Ball in Video Marketing."  Michael offers some advice as far as what not to do upon deploying a web video marketing project.  I thought it would be a …

Digital Agencies and Client Challenges With Video – CIMA Recap

I recently covered the Chicago Interactive Marketing Associations' panel discussion – Creative, Technology, Media, and Analytics. The panelists of senior industry leaders debated on how creative, technology, media & analytics are converging more in interactive video marketing; and how agencies can overcome the limitations of …

In Search of Video SEO That Works – Beyond The Hype

Earlier this year, I was contacted by Nico McLane for an interview on the subject of Video SEO.  Nico was looking for specific guidance with regard to the topic of Video SEO.  To give you a bit more background, Nico wrote the following in an …

Video + SEO = Best Practices for Video and E-Commerce

Last week, I had the honor of speaking at the first annual Liveclicker Video Commerce Summit in Seattle, WA.  I was asked to discuss and present video search engine optimization and to help educate the audience on best practices for publishing online video in a …

Notice Anything New? ReelSEO Is Fresh and Clean

Ok, so I planned to do this much earlier, but the truth is, I'm not a professional designer or coder.  That is, I didnt used to be.  After a few months of learning some basic PHP stuff, CSS styling, and other thing-a-ma-bobs late at night, …

The FeedRoom Teams With Omniture On ROI

The FeedRoom Teams With Omniture On ROI

Online video communications,  live streaming and asset management firm, The FeedRoom, has teamed up with Omniture and joined their Genesis program. This give online marketers precise video-based analytics  for marketing campaigns including accurate ROI numbers. Ominuture's SiteCatalyst has been integrated into the FeedRoom 4.0 EVP …

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