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Nielsen is a lunar impact crater on the Oceanus Procellarum. It is located north-east of Montes Agricola on the western hemisphere of the Moon. To the east-southeast is the crater Wollaston.
Nielsen is a bowl-shaped formation that lies astride a small ridge that runs north-northwestwards towards the Mons Rümker. The latter is an unusual raised formation of lunar domes.
The crater is named jointly after the Danish astronomer Axel Nielsen (1902-1970) and the Danish–American physi...

How Women Connect and Engage With Online Video – Nielsen Research

How Women Connect and Engage With Online Video   Nielsen Research

Nielsen did some research recently and had a webinar about how women are connecting with online video. I wasn't able to get into that webinar but I was able to download the video. I thought it curious that there would be such a massive difference …

Nielsen Reports Mobile Video Users Rise 44 Percent

Nielsen Reports Mobile Video Users Rise 44 Percent

Is this a duh moment or what? Nielsen recently reported that mobile video is on the rise. Maybe it was only obvious to a select few of us that this was occurring, you know, those of us with smartphones include the iOSes, Androids and Blackberries …

Nielsen adds Web-Enabled Devices to TV Tracking

Nielsen adds Web Enabled Devices to TV Tracking

Nielsen, media research company not recently deceased comic genius (RIP L.N), have changed a bit of their TV statistics tracking with changes to Internet-ready TVs. Basically, they now acknowledge their existence. Welcome to the 21st century Nielsen!

The Web Is Dead, Says Wired – But Video Is Alive and Kicking

The Web Is Dead, Says Wired   But Video Is Alive and Kicking

Today  everyone's talking about a piece in Wired Magazine entitled, "The Web Is Dead.” Naturally, they posted the story on their website, and probably in a few other dead media formats as well, like print. The article's first paragraph reveals that its headline is somewhere …

Brightroll Rolls Out ROI Measurement Products

Keep rolling, rolling, rolling…out the new products! Brightroll teamed up with Vizu, Nielsen, InsightExpress and comScore to put together a series of new measurement products for its users. Roll on through to find out more.

Video Games Cutting Into TV Viewing

(I'm writing this with my Video Game Journalist Hat on) I have to file this under: HAHA! We told you so! It seems that, according to a recent study by Nielsen Games, video game playing cuts down on TV prime time viewing. Well, duh! Why …

Game On! TubeMogul Launches PlayTime Video Ad Network

Today, Tubemogul announced something huge… they are parlaying their expertise in online video distribution and measurement into the creation of a brand new video advertising network.

September Falters In Videos Viewed, 2009 Is 25% Better

Nielsen has recently found that online video usage is up, up, up. They even found out exactly how much up really is in this case, a full 25% they state.

Nielsen Ratings Shake Up – Hulu and Blinkx

After months of not a lot of movement going on at the top of the Nielsen reports for video traffic we suddenly get some major shake up and a new contender. The top ten saw some major moves from top to bottom last month which …

Adobe Gets Serious With Open Source – Opens Up That MF

Adobe has started to take open source video serious and now has the open source media framework (osmf, strobe). Read about Adobe opens up flash media player framework

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