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Nielsen is a lunar impact crater on the Oceanus Procellarum. It is located north-east of Montes Agricola on the western hemisphere of the Moon. To the east-southeast is the crater Wollaston.
Nielsen is a bowl-shaped formation that lies astride a small ridge that runs north-northwestwards towards the Mons Rümker. The latter is an unusual raised formation of lunar domes.
The crater is named jointly after the Danish astronomer Axel Nielsen (1902-1970) and the Danish–American physi...

Video Games Cutting Into TV Viewing

(I'm writing this with my Video Game Journalist Hat on) I have to file this under: HAHA! We told you so! It seems that, according to a recent study by Nielsen Games, video game playing cuts down on TV prime time viewing. Well, duh! Why …

Game On! TubeMogul Launches PlayTime Video Ad Network

Today, Tubemogul announced something huge… they are parlaying their expertise in online video distribution and measurement into the creation of a brand new video advertising network.

September Falters In Videos Viewed, 2009 Is 25% Better

Nielsen has recently found that online video usage is up, up, up. They even found out exactly how much up really is in this case, a full 25% they state.

Nielsen Ratings Shake Up – Hulu and Blinkx

After months of not a lot of movement going on at the top of the Nielsen reports for video traffic we suddenly get some major shake up and a new contender. The top ten saw some major moves from top to bottom last month which …

Adobe Gets Serious With Open Source – Opens Up That MF

Adobe has started to take open source video serious and now has the open source media framework (osmf, strobe). Read about Adobe opens up flash media player framework

Online Video Viewing Trends

Metacafe recently commissioned a study to find out who in America is watching online video, how much and what kinds. The results were just released and might be surprising.

Online Video Usage Exaggerated?

New research has been released which states that the actual amount of time Americans are watching video online is nowhere near as much as has been published. Basically what is being said is that Americans are not in fact spending so much time watching video …

Video Impact, Ad Tracking and More – Interview Tod Sacerdoti of BrightRoll

Brightroll, the video advertising network, recently announced their Video Impact program to track online video campaign impact on retail sales. When the announcement was made I was somewhat skeptical of the validity of the data as they chose Nielsen as the tracking firm. As a …

Hulu Traffic Growth Slows, Dramatically

Ok so, Hulu, who recently had a row with Nielsen over traffic numbers, is suddenly not the high flyer that it once was. I'm sure it's nothing serious and might even just be a bump in the road partly due to a lot of series …

BrightRoll Launches Video Impact for ROI Tracking

BrightRoll, best known for their branded video advertising network, has launched a new service called Video Impact. Video Impact is designed to measure the effectiveness of online advertising on retail sales and comes out of feedback from 150 advertising executives that BrightRoll polled in their …

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