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MP4 is a rock band made up of four British Members of Parliament.
It was founded as MP3 in 2004 by Pete Wishart (Scottish National Party, Perth and North Perthshire) on keyboards, Ian Cawsey (The former Labour MP, Brigg and Goole) on bass guitar and vocals, and Greg Knight (Conservative, East Yorkshire) on drums. They were later joined by Kevin Brennan (Labour, Cardiff West) on guitar, and changed their name to reflect this. Wishart was previously keyboardist with Runrig and Big Country...

Open Video – What Is Open Source Video All About?

Open Video   What Is Open Source Video All About? What is Open Video and an introduction to the Open Video Conference – a two-day gathering of global leaders in technology, business, public policy, art, and activism to explore the future of open video on the web.

A New Era In Video Metrics Has Arrived – Tubemogul 2.0 Larry Kless, founder of Online Video Publishing [dot] com, interviewed Mark Rotblat of Tubemogul back in March where he was given a bit of an advance scoop on TubeMogul 2.0

Video Blogging Gets Easy – WordPress Steps Up With VideoPress

A picture is worth a thousand words. According to Grant a video is worth millions. So when the content management system (CMS) that is used in millions of websites around the planet switches over to video you can expect billions of words to be transformed …

Animoto Updates Imagery and Music, Introduces Share-n-Earn Program

Animoto (whom we've previously covered here, here and here) have introduced some new features recently. One of the most interesting is their share-n-earn feature. But don't think you're going to get rich quick off of making and sharing your slide show slash music videos…oh no … Review – The Source for HD Video Sharing?

Well that's what they say on their about page They go on to say: "Wildscreen.TV lets video creators cash in, not sell out and offers 100% Ad Revenue to their users if they place their own adverts on their custom channel." That's not such a …

Video Production for Real Estate – Interview With WellcomeMat This is an interview with, an online video production network specifically focused on the Real Estate industry and I had the pleasure of interviewing both co-founders of the business – Christian Sterner and Phil Thomas DiGiulio at the Kelsey Group’s Interactive Local Media Conference.

Spotmixer Interview With John Love – Online Video for SMBs We interviewed John Love, Co-Founder and CEO of OneTrueMedia and spotmixer and discussed online video production and online video marketing for SMBs, in particular with SpotMixer. John talks to us about those categories that Spotmixer sees as early-adopters in the space in terms of SMBs that are gravitating more quickly to online video.

Auction-Style Marketplace for Video Production – Interview With MediaMobz

Auction Style Marketplace for Video Production   Interview With MediaMobz I interviewed an interesting new startup called MediaMobz that is focused around creation of an auction-style online marketplace to connect filmmakers with businesses looking for video production resources

Interview With Jivox’s Diaz Nesamoney – Online Video Advertising for SMBs We interviewed Diaz Nesamoney, the CEO and Founder of Jivox, for a short on-camera interview. Diaz talks to us about what differentiates their solution when compared to other video marketing solutions available to SMBs.

Youtube Gets Bigger – Goes All 16:9 Aspect Ratio Widescreen

Youtube Gets Bigger   Goes All 16:9 Aspect Ratio Widescreen

As somewhat of a surprise to users, video sharing giant Youtube announced yesterday on their blog that they decided to upgrade the previous player to a new wide-aspect 16:9 ratio video player as the default player on Youtube.  Finally Youtube is joining the ranks of …

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