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Monetization is the process of converting or establishing something into legal tender. It usually refers to the coining of currency or the printing of banknotes by central banks. Things such as gold, diamonds and emeralds generally do have intrinsic value based on their rarity or quality and thus provide a premium not associated with fiat currency unless that currency is “promissory”: That is the currency promises to deliver a given amount of a recognized commodity of a universall...

Ooyala Gives Video Publishers Integrated Paypal Payment System

Ooyala Gives Video Publishers Integrated Paypal Payment System

Ooyala, a provider of video monetization products and services, has introduced a new product called Ooyala Paywall.  Typically the word "paywall," in Internet terms, refers to a blockade between users and a portion of the content they're after, and that's exactly what this product is.  …

The Sunday News Reel – Week of 11-17 October, 2010

The Sunday News Reel – Week of 11 17 October, 2010

Hey hey! Another week in the books as we wind down summer in the Northern Hemisphere and rapidly hurtle toward lower temps and the holiday season. Here in my part of the world the leaves are falling along with the temps. So it's time once …

The Sunday News Reel – The Week in Review 12-18 Sept. 2010

The Sunday News Reel   The Week in Review 12 18 Sept. 2010

We know, you're all busy and don't have time to catch everything that was important this week. So we are going to bring you a weekly news round up. Of course being ReelSEO we have to put a Reel in the title. I thought up …

Analyzing The Impact of YouTube’s 15 Minutes – Blurring The Lines Between Amateur and Professional

Analyzing The Impact of YouTubes 15 Minutes   Blurring The Lines Between Amateur and Professional

Grant Crowell interviews video marketing author and SEO expert Greg Jarboe about YouTube’s time increased of all non-partner videos to 15 minutes. Greg and I discuss what YouTube’s reasons were for the increase, who may already be profiting from the increase, and how YouTube has blurred the line between “amateur” and “professional” videos has blurred because of improved monetization opportunities for everyone.

Connecting Advertisers With Consumers Via Biased Video Recommendations

Not many people know this, but Zara is a very unique fashion company compared to other mega fashion brands. Instead of focusing on inventing the next clothing item people want to buy , Zara built an advanced technology that can bias or push their entire …

Changes In How Video Will Get To Online Viewers

Changes In How Video Will Get To Online Viewers

eMarketer released a new report today on Video Content and Syndication: Long-Form Content on the Rise. In it they cite a variety of reasons why video consumption is up, obviously better syndication options being one of them but another was users' comfort with online video.

Kaltura’s New Exchange Lets Developers Strut Their Stuff

ReelSEO’s Grant Crowell interviews Kaltura CEO Ron Yekutiel at the National Association of Broadcasters conference in Las Vegas, to share about their new Exchange program connecting online video application providers to publishers.

Kaltura Helps To Spread The Word About HTML5

Hot hot hot on the heels of the IE9 HTML 5/H.264 news is an announcement from Kaltura that they're teaming up with some others to start some new open video initiatives, specifically in regards to HTML 5

Mobile Version of YouTube Starts Showing Ads

Citing numbers that show that video views on mobile devices are up a whopping 160%, Google announced yesterday that the mobile version of YouTube will now begin showing ads.  Specifically, the ads will be running on the main YouTube home page, the search page, and …

Maximize ECommerce ROI With “Smart” Product Video Banners

Featuring videos on product pages is becoming an important and popular tool to enhance shoppers' experience and increase sales. There's a new breed of "smart" video banners that take this technique to the next level by ensuring that e-commerce retailers showcase the top-performing product videos.

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