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Over 1 Billion Videos A Day In December (2009) Says ComScore

According to the comScore Video Metrix report, there were over 33 Billion videos streamed in December 2009. That's more than a Bilion a day. Who came out on the top for the month?

YouTube Search Accounts for Nearly 28% of All Google Searches

A little over a year ago, comScore's US Search Rankings Report for Dec. 2008 showed that YouTube for the first time, could be thought of as the second largest search engine next to Google with 2,905,000,000 total search queries that month. According to comScore's December 2009 …

New Google Search UI Feels More Like Bing Than Google

Everyone has a bad day.  It's possible for even the most successful companies or individuals to miss the mark.  Someday, Pixar will make a movie that is merely average instead of great.  Some time in the future we might see Lebron James brick a ton …

Online Video Hits A Record – 31 Billion Views In US

That's what ComScore is saying anyway. They say it's the first time the industry has topped that number and so it's a big deal. Their November 2009 comScore Video Metrix service showed that over 170 million U.S. Internet users watched online video during the month …

Top 9 Lessons Learned From 2009’s Viral Video Successes

I’ve picked out some of my favorite viral success stories of 2009, and I’ll tell you why I like them and why I think they succeeded—call it my list of the Best Lessons Learned From 2009′s Viral Success Stories. There is obviously no guaranteed path to viral success, but following even a few of these 9 rules will definitely get you a great head start.

Viral Video Marketing Round Up – Lessons From This Week’s Viral Video Successes – 12/12/2009

With the weekend upon us, it's time for a Viral Round Up again.  Some really good examples this week that we can learn from, so let's dive in.

Viral Video Marketing Round Up – Lessons From This Week’s Viral Successes – 11/20/2009

It's time for another Viral Round Up—our weekly look at the latest viral success stories as we attempt to reverse engineer them to see what made them work. Since I missed last week's Round Up, we'll actually look at more videos than normal this week.  …

YouTube Continues Search Engine Domination – Up 31% YOY

YouTube Continues Search Engine Domination   Up 31% YOY

Is anyone still wondering if search is important for video?  In November of last year, YouTube surpassed Yahoo for the first time in total U.S. search queries, making it the 2nd largest search engine in the U.S. next to only its owner, Google.  Ever since …

Succesful Content Syndication and Aggregation Strategies

I'm at the Streaming Media West conference today in San Jose, CA and thought I would attempt some live blogging from this morning's session titled, "Successful Content Syndication and Aggregation Strategies." 

August Video Watching Online Tops Everything Previous

Another month has come and gone and comScore tells it was the best ever. Better than the previous best month which was the month before the best month ever even though it too was, at the time, the best month ever. Confused? Don't be, just …

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