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Online Video Pushes Microsoft Xbox LIVE Sales Over $1Billion

What do you get when you take the most popular online gaming console network and marry it to online video? Massive piles of cash apparently! Microsoft has announced that Xbox LIVE, the online network for the Xbox 360 console, has topped sales of One Billion …

YouTube Tops 14.5 Billion and Sets Record Says ComScore

It's certainly long in the coming. YouTube, well technically the Google sites, topped 14.6 billion video streams in May according to comScore. Yes, those computators of computationals are back with their latest stats set, this time it's for May 2010. What have they to say?

5 Ways To Use YouTube’s New Video Editor Tool

5 Ways To Use YouTubes New Video Editor Tool

Just last week, YouTube announced their own video editor that allows you to edit your videos directly on YouTube. How cool is that! That same night, because I couldn't sleep from the excitement, I created a how-to video showing how 5 easy ways to use …

Facebook Video Ads Rock – Cheaper, More Engaging

Facebook Video Ads Rock   Cheaper, More Engaging

TubeMogul, the online video distribution, analytics, and video ad network, has released a new report comparing video ads on Facebook to comparable click-to-view video ad units on publisher sites—in other words, they compared video ads on Facebook to video ads that typically stand alone.

comScore Says Brightroll Tops 97% Reach In May. Booya!

Yes, 97% of Internet users apparently see something served up by the Brightroll ad agency (lati Doti, they love the Todi…old school rap lyrics anyone?). That's a pretty stout piece of the pie. But they're not alone in that rare area of the stratosphere…

Facebook Is The 2nd Largest Referral Source for Online Video

Facebook Is The 2nd Largest Referral Source for Online Video

When Christophor wrote last week about the latest comScore numbers on online video, the first thing I did was dig through the data for something odd.  It's an instinct for me.  I'm always trying to find the odd number out… the thing that doesn't make …

13 Billion Videos On YouTube for 135.7 Million Viewers In April

My post last month about comScore's metrics got eaten by the ReelSEO gremlins and disappeared into the ether but I'm here again, this time hopefully my insightful commentary won't bend time/space and make the entire article disappear again (which must be what happened last time).

Google’s VP8 WebM and HTML5 – What It Means for You

Googles VP8 WebM and HTML5   What It Means for You

Several months ago, Google bought ON2, the company behind the successful video codecs VP6 (used in Flash) and VP7 (used in Skype). Ever since the first rumors of this acquisition emerged, the online video community has speculated what this would mean for HTML5 video and its current issues …

The WebM VP8 BandWagon Rolls On – Who’s In and Who’s Not

Google announced the would open VP8 up as WebM, an open source video codec in a Matroska package with Ogg Vorbis as the audio encoder. So I thought it would be good to have a news round up of who's in, who's out and what …

The Death of H.264 In HTML5? Google Opens WebM and VP8

The Death of H.264 In HTML5? Google Opens WebM and VP8

Google met our expectations today and announced that it's On2 Technologies VP8 video codec is now open source. It's supposed to outperform Ogg Theora and will be completely patent-free.

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