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“Market share is the percentage of a market (defined in terms of either units or revenue) accounted for by a specific entity.” In a survey of nearly 200 senior marketing managers, 67 percent responded that they found the “dollar market share” metric very useful, while 61% found “unit market share” very useful.
“Marketers need to be able to translate sales targets into market share because this will demonstrate whether forecasts are to be attaine...

Facebook Fastest Growing Video Referrer, But Still Behind Search

Facebook Fastest Growing Video Referrer, But Still Behind Search

Facebook and Twitter are the fastest-growing referrers of video on the web, according to a new report from TubeMogul.  Called "Online Video and the Media Industry," and produced in conjunction with Brightcove, it's a quarterly report, and the findings cover Q2 of 2010.

Samsung TV Going Android?

Samsung TV Going Android?

It seems that Samsung is looking into using Google's Androif software to power some of their televisions. According to comments by the head of the Samsung TV division in Seoul earlier today, they are "reviewing it".If you recall Samsung recently reported that Diva TV would …

Yahoo Steals A Chunk of Google’s Search Engine Market Share?

Yahoo Steals A Chunk of Googles Search Engine Market Share?

I come from a background in search.  I'm a search engine guy first, and a video guy second.  It's just how I'm wired.  Which is why ReelSEO is such a great home for me, because I get to write about both.  Today, there's some news …

Why You Should Care About Google’s Rumored Social Networking Service

Why You Should Care About Google’s Rumored Social Networking Service

Rumors have been swirling for ages that Google is secretly building their own social networking service.  Even before that Tweet from Digg's Kevin Rose got tongues wagging, many industry insiders had long suspected Google was looking to get more social.

Video = Fastest Growing Website Feature for Small Businesses

Indeed, small businesses have been racing to get their websites video-capable over the past year - and those same small businesses are spending more on paid search advertising.  According to a new report, small business advertisers spent more than twice as much on paid search and nearly 4 …

Apple Wants To Eat Amazon’s Lunch, But Wait, So Does Google!

With Apple's iPad hitting the market in a matter of days, how big an impact will the computer giant's entrance into the tablet and eReader business make? A huge one, according to several research firms such as eMarketer, Yankee Group and Credit Suisse. Amazon's eBook …

YouTube Embraces HTML 5 Video, Experimentally

YouTube recently stated that they want to help push HTML 5 to the forefront and have begun a more robust experiment to use it on their site. You have to opt-in to beta program in order to see the HTML 5 pages and there are …

YouTube Wants You To Take Off Your Jacket and Stay Awhile

There's no time to rest when you're on top, even after years of total domination.  YouTube, having been firmly entrenched as the number one online video portal for several years, might be tempted to stop and rest for a bit.  After all, they are the …

Online Video Continues Ridiculous Trajectory

ComScore has released their online video numbers for September 2009, and the trend continues.  Online video views are again at an all time high. More than 168 Million U.S. viewers watched online video during that month, accumulating nearly 26 Billion total views.  Holy cow.

Google Users Are More Loyal and More Active… Probably

New data from ComScore shows that Google users run more searches than Yahoo and Microsoft users… combined.  According to the research, Google users conduct an average of 54.5 searches.  Yahoo users perform 24.5 searches and Microsoft users run 26.9 queries. More interesting than that, though, …

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