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Spotmixer Interview With John Love – Online Video for SMBs

http://www.reelseo.com/interview-spotmixer/ We interviewed John Love, Co-Founder and CEO of OneTrueMedia and spotmixer and discussed online video production and online video marketing for SMBs, in particular with SpotMixer. John talks to us about those categories that Spotmixer sees as early-adopters in the space in terms of SMBs that are gravitating more quickly to online video.

Auction-Style Marketplace for Video Production – Interview With MediaMobz

Auction Style Marketplace for Video Production   Interview With MediaMobz

http://www.reelseo.com/interview-mediamobz/ I interviewed an interesting new startup called MediaMobz that is focused around creation of an auction-style online marketplace to connect filmmakers with businesses looking for video production resources

Interview With Jivox’s Diaz Nesamoney – Online Video Advertising for SMBs

http://www.reelseo.com/interview-jivox/ We interviewed Diaz Nesamoney, the CEO and Founder of Jivox, for a short on-camera interview. Diaz talks to us about what differentiates their solution when compared to other video marketing solutions available to SMBs.

Interview With Brad Inman of TurnHere – Advice for Filmmakers and More

http://www.reelseo.com/turnhere-brad-inman/ We caught up with Brad Inman, of TurnHere, outside of the session for a quick interview. Brad talks to us about the genesis of TurnHere, their recent launch of custom voice-over capabilities, the importance of optimization when it comes to the future of online video marketing for SMBs, and what is in store for the future of TurnHere.

Google Maps Adds New Video Layer = Local Search + Online Video + Mapping

Google Maps Adds New Video Layer = Local Search + Online Video + Mapping

In the past, we've often covered news and information about local interactive media and the local search space when it pertains to integration with online video.  It is my strong belief that next to mobile, the most logical next step in the evolution of local …

IYP Video SEO With YouTube – The Yellowbook Interview

Early last month, The Internet yellow pages company Yellowbook announced the launch of a new YouTube channel, exclusively for their customers with video ads produced by Yellowbook, with optimization of those video pages for YouTube and Google search results. Today we interviewed Patrick Marshall, Chief …

Video Search Marketing for Local Business – Kelsey Group Conference

Listen to ReelSEO Mark Robertson's special report from the recently completed Kelsey Group 2008 Conference in Santa Clara, California, and Mark's take on how the present and future of online video marketing for small-to-medium businesses is really more of a local search play.

Online Video Explosion – Local Video Production and Marketing for Businesses

SuperForum II: Local Video Explosion – This is the Kelsey Group's ILM:08 conference session that we were most excited about covering.  This is a great panel session with several leaders in local online video marketing solutions. Brad Inman, Chairman and Founder of TurnHere is up …

Custom Video Production With Professional Voiceover for SMBs – New From TurnHere

TurnHere, Inc., a leading Internet video production and advertising company, announced the launch of a premium voiceover video package designed for small and local businesses. Combining custom onsite video footage with professional voiceover, TurnHere's new turnkey solution lets businesses of all sizes leverage the power …

Kelsey Group’s ILM:08 Day 2 – New Takes On Local Audience Targeting

It's day 2 of the Kelsey Group's ILM:08 conference and we had a great first day. Aside from the sessions and panels that were extremely informative on the state of interactive local media, we also had the pleasure to interview several folks in the local …

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