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Video Marketing and The Law – What You Should Know

Our attorney colleague Mark Rosenberg was recently published in Affiliate Summit’s FeedFront magazine with his article titled “Video Marketing and the Law.” Mark shares what basic proactive measures video marketers should be araware to to avoid common legal pitfalls, including: right of publicity issues, copyrights, licensing, contracts, and receiving proper consent.

Will You Be Our Guest Expert? Contribute To ReelSEO

We have decided to let readers know that ReelSEO is open for guest contributions from experts and thought leaders regarding the subject of online video.  We welcome the opportunity to learn from you and our readers will appreciate your expertise as well. Please use this …

Warner Music Close To Deal With YouTube for Music Videos

Warner Music Group and YouTube are said to be close to a deal to bring music videos from Warner's artists back to the video sharing site.  You may remember that Warner pulled their artists' videos in December of 2008 over a licensing rights dispute.

Hulu Beta Tests Subscriptions Model, Good Idea/ Bad Idea?

It's been reported that Hulu is currently beta testing a paid subscription service. But what implications does that have for the site, video advertising and the industry in general?

Social Media: Sharing, Theft and The Fine Line

I've recently had problems with some of my content being republished without any request for permission, links back to the site or editing of the content. As far as I'm concerned that constitutes plagiarism as they are taking credit for the content, copyright infringement as …

2009 Online Video Backlash? I Doubt It!

Some sites have been predicting that 2009 may be the bubble busting time for online video. Like the dot com era that came crashing to a halt they believe that online video too will burst and collapse in upon itself. Personally, I call bullshit.

Is Ogg Theora The Savior of Online Video?

Ogg Theora, the magical, mystical, savior of the online video movement? Tapped to be part of the Open Video Standards and set to take its position at center stage in the push for widespread online video acceptance, but is it all it can be and …

How To Produce “Business-Quality” Online Video On A Small Business Budget

Can businesses today really create sustainable revenue and long-term profit around regularly publishing professional-quality online video, and keep their production costs well below the standards of broadcast-quality? Yes, if they're willing to be what I call "videoratis" – a video professional and publicist skilled at …

Hulu Does Not Want You To Watch Their Stuff

Hulu does not want you to watch their stuff. At least that's how it feels sometimes doesn't it? If you live outside of the US you simply cannot watch their content. Well, you could by using a proxy service which caused some lag and slow …

Self-Service Video Production Platform Review – Interview With AditAll ReelSEO’s Grant Crowell interviews’s Arthur McKinley on the advantages for marketers to use a self-service video platform for content and video advertising.

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