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... Offers HTML5 Preset Options for Ogg Theora, WebM VP8 on H.264 Offers HTML5 Preset Options for Ogg Theora, WebM VP8 on H.264, one of the coolest places to do quick transcoding of video online, or online video for that matter, have just announced several new presets aimed at the HTML5 video market. This should make things easier for everyone using the service and wanting to support …

Legal Battle Brews Over Internet TV Re-broadcasting – What Are The Repercussions?

Legal Battle Brews Over Internet TV Re broadcasting   What Are The Repercussions?

When the ivi launch press release crossed my desk, to say I was interested would be an understatement. For those that don't know ivi is an application that takes broadcast television, currently only from Seattle and New York, and streams it to your desktop, anywhere …

Samsung Hooks Up with BlinkBox for UK Video-on-Demand on Internet TVs

Samsung Hooks Up with BlinkBox for UK Video on Demand on Internet TVs

So far this week from the IFA show in Berlin we have heard from Sony who is offering Music Unlimited (I am certain video will follow), and 3D video and tablet computers have dominated the scene. We have also heard from Apple this week and …

90% of TV Shows Were Freely Available Online Last Season

According to recent research by Clicker, that's the fact of the matter. 90% of 2009-2010 broadcast TV was on Internet. It makes me wonder what the other 10% was and if they include places like PBS and C-SPAN.

Vimeo Announces Creative Commons Licensing – But Are Users’ Hands Tied?

Video hosting platform Vimeo yesterday announced on its blog its support for Creative Commons licensing, providing its members a more precise control over where and how others can use their own videos. But restrictions persist with how members can feature other rights-owners videos and other original works on Vimeo, even if they have the same clearances that Creative Commons provides.

Legal Issues With Online Video for Business – Understanding The Basics

ReelSEO’s Grant Crowell interviews Daliah Saper, Intellectual Property and Internet Law attorney, to provide an basic introduction for businesses and other professionals with understanding legal issues with online video.

YouTube’s 6 Reasons Why HTML5 Won’t Replace Flash, Yet

YouTubes 6 Reasons Why HTML5 Wont Replace Flash, Yet

YouTube agreed with us on several points lately. We're not sure if they knew they were doing it or not but they have. The main point is that while HTML 5 is cool and has a lot of potential, it's not going to replace Flash …

Friendly Music Service Lets YouTubers Buy Licensed Songs for Use In Video

One of the most common ways that YouTube users violate copyright laws is by using unlicensed background music in their video.  Unfortunately, this act also tends to get videos pulled, after copyright holders are alerted to the infringement via YouTube's Content ID service.  And to …

Google’s VP8 WebM and HTML5 – What It Means for You

Googles VP8 WebM and HTML5   What It Means for You

Several months ago, Google bought ON2, the company behind the successful video codecs VP6 (used in Flash) and VP7 (used in Skype). Ever since the first rumors of this acquisition emerged, the online video community has speculated what this would mean for HTML5 video and its current issues …

Encoding Video for The Web – Encoding Webinar Replay Video

Encoding Video for The Web   Encoding Webinar Replay Video

A few weeks back on May 5th, we held our very first ReelSEO webinar event titled, "Encoding Video for the Web."  The webinar was a great success and we had more than 250 attendees join us for the first hour with more than 150 remaining …

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