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What’s Joost? It’s free TV, with the choice to watch alone or with
friends. Joost is packed with internet tools such as instant messaging
and channel chat, allowing people to really share the TV experience.
It’s a completely secure platform for content owners that respects
their rights, while protecting and enhancing their brands. And it’s an
incredibly flexible way for advertisers to reach a truly global
audience, in ways that reall...

BrightCove and Brightcove TV – Detailed Overview and History. is essentially an Internet TV platform that allows amateur and professional video makers to monetize their content with revenues. Brightcove provides different distribution and monetization solutions that work for both kinds of video makers. Content providers can allow their content to be placed on …

Backlot – Free Video Content Management and Syndication Platform

I was reading about Ooyala just today and it occurred to me, wait a second, my good friend sitting across from me mentioned he was working with them on something… I will tell you more about Ooyala, but safe to say (knowing my friend), they …

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