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Mid-Week Online Reel Video Quick Clips 7 April 2011

Mid Week Online Reel Video Quick Clips 7 April 2011

I know, Thursday, but Thursday morning! So still two days left in the work week. Well, there are a lot of announcements coming as NAB is just round the corner. But none of them were really full-on article treatment pieces that I could see, so …

Find, Bookmark, Watch and Share Your Favorite Videos With PopScreen

Recently I wrote about a new video discovery service, called Jinni, which I'm still using and enjoying.  Now comes a similar and somewhat related new service called PopScreen.  PopScreen is a video bookmarking service, not unlike Delicious.  But it's a bit more than that too, …

Video Content Discovery Engine Jinni Opens To Public

As mentioned on Techcrunch this morning, there's a new player in the world of video search.  Well, I should say there's a new site aiming to be a player in video search—video "discovery" to be exact.

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