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International mostly means something (a company, language or organization) involving more than one country. The term international as a word means involvement of, interaction between or encompassing more than one nation, or generally beyond national boundaries. For example, international law, which is applied by more than one country and usually everywhere on Earth, and international language which is a language spoken by residents of more than one country.
In American English, “I...

Facebook Leverages The Power of Online Video – Premium Video Content Next?

Facebook Leverages The Power of Online Video   Premium Video Content Next?

Facebook recently started streaming live video from the Palo Alto, California headquarters. It's not 24/7 nor is it what you might expect but more a mix of content including interviews and technical talk, etc. But that's not the only video deal in the works at …

Netflix: App Coming To Sony PS3, Expanding To Canada

During Netflix's latest financial report conference call, CEO Reed Hastings stated that there will be a major new Sony PS3 user interface, which will not require a disc. He stated that it would launch before their next report in October.

YouTube Teams With Guggenheim To Elevate Online Video To An Artform

YouTube wants you to think of their videos as little works of art with a new initiative called YouTube Play.  That's a tall order considering how many non-artistic videos show up on the site—not to mention the completely subjective definition of the word "art.”  But …

How To Approach A Web Video Series As A Marketing Strategy

How To Approach A Web Video Series As A Marketing Strategy

ReelSEO’s Grant Crowell interviews Robyn Okrant, author of, about how serialization can be a successful online video strategy for building an enthusiastic audience with great word-of-mouth marketing.

International Opportunities for Web Video Show Creators

Media company Alloy Entertainment has begun international deal-making for its digital series as it embarks on plan to launch four to six digital shows each year. Other digital studios like Take180 and Mondo Media are also cranking on foreign rights. In this episode of the …

What The Hamas “Online Video Threat” Can Teach Us About Freedom of Speech

ReelSEO’s Grant Crowell talks with attorney Mark Rosenberg about the recent international media attention and public outcry over an animated cartoon posted online by the military wing of the political group Hamas, and why even “psychological warfare” with online video is and should be protected free speech in this country under the First Amendment.

Livestream Says NO To Piracy, Points Fingers At Competitors

Livestream recently let loose a seriously long-winded open letter to content and event owners seeking to find a streaming partner. In it they included a 'zero tolerance' statement about piracy and a lot of finger pointing at other major live streaming sites.

New Opportunities for Web TV Shows – Media Minute

Remember when I told you the future of TV was international? Now we're seeing even more evidence of that trend because the popular Web series Break a Leg just sold the licensing rights to its show to Fox Italy, marking a big step for Web …

The Future of Television Is International – Report From NATPE

International expansion is going to be vital to the growth of the cable and network TV business over the next several years.  At the NATPE conference in Las Vegas, I interviewed Discovery Communications CEO David Zaslav.  David talked about the opportunities in markets like India, …

3D Projection Technology Wows In Lithuanian Viral Video

Jeremy's Reel SEO Article Checklist: Is the topic related to online video? ✔ Is there a viral component? ✔ Is author's mind blown? ✔ Seeing as all three of my personal prerequisite conditions are met for a "Go" article, I figured I'd better tell you …

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