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All about the HTML5 Video Tag, codecs for HTML-5 Video (h.264, webM VP8, ogv, etc…), standards and best practices for HTML5 video publishing, HTML5 vs. Adobe Flash, HTML5 Video + Adobe, etc….


How Rapid Growth In Mobile Technology and HTML 5 Will Impact Video

Michael Boland, Program Director of Mobile Local Media at the Kelsey Group, speaks with us at SES San Jose 2009 about how rapid growth in mobile technology and html5 will impact video in the future.

The Next Wave for Online Video Search Optimization

Mark Robertson reviews the SES San Jose 2009 session titled “The next wave for online video” which he spoke at along with Gregory Markel of Infuse creative and David Burch of Tubemogul. Learn about Video SEO from the expert at

Adobe Gets Serious With Open Source – Opens Up That MF

Adobe has started to take open source video serious and now has the open source media framework (osmf, strobe). Read about Adobe opens up flash media player framework

IE8 To Implement Some HTML 5 Features

HTML 5 just gained another ally in its adoption…Microsoft. Sure it might still be some time before HTML 5 is totally ready for the masses but with such early adopters like IE, Firefox and Safari now, it should start getting a heavy push to become …

Akamai Delivers Optimizied Video To IPhone

The new iPhone 3GS means you've got a whole new slew of options in regards to video. Without Flash capabilities on the iPhone our options were extremely limited, but now Akamai is working to fix that problem.

Web Video Marketing – 10 Common Web Video Marketing Mistakes

Web Video Marketing   10 Common Web Video Marketing Mistakes

This week there was a good post by Michael Kolowich of ChannelOne Marketing titled, "Ten Ways Marketers Drop the Ball in Video Marketing."  Michael offers some advice as far as what not to do upon deploying a web video marketing project.  I thought it would be a …

Joost Reinvents Service As Brandable Video Platform

Joost was what the creators of Skype went on to after it was sold. They've recently announced a new focus for the company, mainly they want to be a white box video platform and they're working toward that goal now. The new Joost will seek …

Is Ogg Theora The Savior of Online Video?

Ogg Theora, the magical, mystical, savior of the online video movement? Tapped to be part of the Open Video Standards and set to take its position at center stage in the push for widespread online video acceptance, but is it all it can be and …

Surf for Videos Using Twitter – Video Search Twitter Bot

VideoSurf, and innovative video search engine that utilizes computer vision technology (facial recognition) to assist with video indexing , has developed a quick and effective way to search for videos directly within Twitter.  By combining the Twitter API, API, and VideoSurf API, they have created a mashup …

Open Video – What Is Open Source Video All About?

Open Video   What Is Open Source Video All About? What is Open Video and an introduction to the Open Video Conference – a two-day gathering of global leaders in technology, business, public policy, art, and activism to explore the future of open video on the web.

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