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Dive Into HTML5 Video With The Masters – HTML5 Webinar Replay Video

Dive Into HTML5 Video With The Masters   HTML5 Webinar Replay Video

Last week, we held our second ReelSEO webinar event titled, "Dive Into HTML5 Video – Learn From The Masters." The webinar was a great success and we had more than 1100 attendees join us for the first hour with more than 500 remaining online past …

Vzaar IPhone App Allows Video Uploads From The Road

No longer must you scurry back to your video editing lair to plug-in, transfer and upload your iPhone videos to Vzaar. As of last week, they have an iPhone App that will let you do it on the fly. Vzaar, the video hosting platform late …

The “Reel” Deal With HTML5 Video – Not Quite There Yet

The Reel Deal With HTML5 Video   Not Quite There Yet

Online video is an exciting field to work in. As creator of the JW Player, I'm privileged to be at the forefront of the industry. Every week, our team receives thousands of emails from web developers regarding various bug reports, product feature requests and general …

Bits On The Run Gets A Long Tail

LongTail Video, who made the JW Player, have acquired Bits on the Run. They can now begin offering a full range of video tools and management as well as an easily embeddable player.

Kaltura’s New Exchange Lets Developers Strut Their Stuff

ReelSEO’s Grant Crowell interviews Kaltura CEO Ron Yekutiel at the National Association of Broadcasters conference in Las Vegas, to share about their new Exchange program connecting online video application providers to publishers.

Streaming Production and Flash Delivery Workshop – March 23rd

Are you producing streaming video and wondering if your procedures and work flow maximize quality and efficiency? Perhaps you're on the distribution side and need to learn how to produce a Flash Player, or install or manage the Flash Media Server? If any of these …

Web Video Hosting Platforms Comparison Tool – VidCompare

I know that many of our readers are fans of using YouTube as a video hosting platform.  While I completely agree that almost everyone should leverage YouTube itself for its massive audience, and while there are clearly some benefits to using YouTube, (mainly – it … Heads To RackSpace’s Cloud

In the 'Get Offa My Cloud' Department, has decided to head over to RackSpace and use their cloud computing to power its software as a service video encoding.

Vimeo To Launch Support for 1080p Full HD Video

The pipes that form the backbone of the information superhighway are about to get a bit less empty.  After a lively forum post on Vimeo about 1080p support, Vimeo has decided that they will begin accepting and hosting 1080p video. What's that mean for you?

11 Predictions for The Online Video Industry In 2010

Everyone is giving their predictions for the Internet marketing and online video space in 2010 and I thought I'd better jump on the bandwagon with my 2 cents…  Granted, I certainly have some more insightful predictions that I could provide but I figured it's New …

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