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Games is a 1983 in film gay pornographic film directed by Steve Scott and produced by Al Parker, starring Al Parker. It was released direct to video by Bijou Video. This film is a tale about athletes on their way to the first Gay Games in San Francisco. The film mixes some of the actual footage of the Gay Games.

... Lists 6 Reasons Why Adobe’s Flash Will NOT Die Lists 6 Reasons Why Adobes Flash Will NOT Die

Howard Wen from ComputerWorld (US) writing at gave a lengthy list of reasons why you can end your Flash Deathwatch pool. If you remember, a while back, Youtube also gave a list of reasons as well. It's good to see people getting over the …

Online Video Impacts Top 50 Web Properties During June 2010

comScore has released the monthly report on who does what, where on the web, commonly referred to as the comScore Media Metrix. The report, as usual, looks at top web properties, ad networks and the changes in the traffic on those properties.

Microsoft Researches Three Screen Strategies for Marketing

"…one screen to rule them all and in the market bind them." Well OK Tolkien said ring and not screen and he was talking about evil and we're talking about video and marketing. There's a difference right? Let's face it, many of us are multi-screen …

Netflix: App Coming To Sony PS3, Expanding To Canada

During Netflix's latest financial report conference call, CEO Reed Hastings stated that there will be a major new Sony PS3 user interface, which will not require a disc. He stated that it would launch before their next report in October.

Hulu Plus Preview Hits US Sony Playstation 3, Users Must Pay Twice To View

In a glorious and unabashed cash grab, Sony and Hulu have teamed up to yank a lot of your hard earned cash out of your wallets and into their overflowing vaults thanks to the Hulu Plus preview that became available to some US Playstation 3 …

Online Video Pushes Microsoft Xbox LIVE Sales Over $1Billion

What do you get when you take the most popular online gaming console network and marry it to online video? Massive piles of cash apparently! Microsoft has announced that Xbox LIVE, the online network for the Xbox 360 console, has topped sales of One Billion …

Under 18 Largest Online Video Viewer Demographic?

According to a recent report by eMarketer, those who watch television shows streamed via Internet, go to Hulu, those who want films, go to NetFlix. Personally, it's no surprise. But what might be a surprise is the age of those viewers.

April 2010 Online Video Advertising Insights – Scanscout

ScanScout's new monthly report returns with some expanded coverage this time round including top categories, peak viewing hours and a whole lot more.

Fakes, Toddler Heroes, and Glitches – Viral Video Round Up

If there's a theme this week for the Viral Video Round Up, it's this:  Expect the unexpected.  Nearly all the videos featured in this week's study have an element of surprise to them.  Some are just shocking.  Some take a hard left turn half way …

YouTube Integrates Google Moderator Tool – Horribly

Now the power of all those "u suk" comments on YouTube can be harnessed and put to some use. Whether or not it will be good or evil remains to be seen. It's a shame they couldn't find a better way to incorporate it into …

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