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Games is a 1983 in film gay pornographic film directed by Steve Scott and produced by Al Parker, starring Al Parker. It was released direct to video by Bijou Video. This film is a tale about athletes on their way to the first Gay Games in San Francisco. The film mixes some of the actual footage of the Gay Games.


February 2010 Online Video Advertising Insights – Scanscout

ScanScout has begun to publish a monthly report about the online video advertising industry and what is going on in it. February was the first month they've done it for and I got my hands on the report to check it out.

My Theora On H(TML5).264 Support

My Theora On H(TML5).264 Support

Microsoft showed off what some are calling the killer app (a lame term really), Internet Explorer 9. It's got HTML 5 support (to what extent remains to be seen) and MP3, MP4 and H.264 support built in. That could be enough to push the industry …

CBS Expects Record Viewers and Revenue for March Madness Online

Pay attention to March Madness this year.  In a decade, you'll be telling people about how you were alive to witness the passing of the torch from television to the Internet.  We may not hit the tipping point this year… or even next year… but …

Viral Video Round Up – The Draw of Destruction and The Power of Teamwork

Some weeks are more difficult than others for me when it comes to finding quality viral success stories to include in my weekly Round Up.  This week was easy… so easy it became hard, because there were too many stories I wanted to tell and …

Smile, You’re On IPad Video Conference?

It seems that the Mac technical wizards at MacRumors have unveiled some pretty handy, yet unconfirmed, features of future iPads and iPhones including video conferencing via a front-facing camera.

List of Royalty Free Online Resources for Video Production

List of Royalty Free Online Resources for Video Production

We here at ReelSEO like to do things on the cheap when we can. Not because we're cheap but often because video production costs can spiral out of control if you're not careful. Here's a list of available resources on the web for royalty free …

University Encourages Applicants To Submit YouTube Videos

Online video is slowly continuing its takeover of society.  Sunday's Boston Globe ran an article about Tufts University's new admissions process that allows for and encourages prospective students to send a video essay about themselves and why they want to attend college there.  Out of …

Online Video Ads Vs Search Ads – The Fight of The Decade

Search ads have been the champions of online ad spending for some time. Thanks to Google not only having the majority share of the search market, but also a major tie-in with Adwords and Adsense. But video ad spending is increasing rapidly. So one day …

The Impact of 2010′s Live Streaming State of The Union Address

As if you were not already aware, tonight's State of the Union is bound to make history—perhaps more for its presentation and interactivity than for the contents of its message. A few weeks back, I breathlessly raved about how YouTube was going to live stream …

Get Jivox With It – Jivox Launches Web Video Ad Interactivity

Will Smith was close with his 'Get Jiggy with it' hit. Jivox is even closer with their recently announced interactivity elements that can be added to almost any video ad (provided you're using them that is). But how does it work?

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