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The Sunday News Reel – Week of 11-17 October, 2010

The Sunday News Reel – Week of 11 17 October, 2010

Hey hey! Another week in the books as we wind down summer in the Northern Hemisphere and rapidly hurtle toward lower temps and the holiday season. Here in my part of the world the leaves are falling along with the temps. So it's time once …

comScore September 2010 Video Metrix – Less Viewers, More Minutes Per

Yes boys and girls, it's that time again. The comScore top ten lists for online video properties are in. The thrills! The Spills! The shake ups, shake downs and everything all around. Let's get on with the show!

Google TV Missing Major TV Network Partners, and I Doubt Google Cares

Google TV Missing Major TV Network Partners, and I Doubt Google Cares

Yesterday Google finally opened the curtain on Google TV, giving the world some much-needed detail on what the product is and what it will be able to do.  And I was pretty impressed.

Giving Users Brand Choice Is Key To Video Ad Success On Short Form

 Giving Users Brand Choice Is Key To Video Ad Success On Short Form

The Pool, a unique research initiative made of people from Publicis Groupe, publishers and advertisers, aimed to identify optimal ad models across emerging media platforms recently put out some new research that says giving consumers the ability to select the ads they see is vital …

Legal Battle Brews Over Internet TV Re-broadcasting – What Are The Repercussions?

Legal Battle Brews Over Internet TV Re broadcasting   What Are The Repercussions?

When the ivi launch press release crossed my desk, to say I was interested would be an understatement. For those that don't know ivi is an application that takes broadcast television, currently only from Seattle and New York, and streams it to your desktop, anywhere …

Online Video Impacts Top 50 Web Properties During June 2010

comScore has released the monthly report on who does what, where on the web, commonly referred to as the comScore Media Metrix. The report, as usual, looks at top web properties, ad networks and the changes in the traffic on those properties.

Americans Watched 4.3 Billion Video Ads In June, Mostly On Hulu

comScore recently announced their new Video Metrix 2.0 which adds several enhancements and June 2010 is the first month where we get to see how they affect the numbers.

90% of TV Shows Were Freely Available Online Last Season

According to recent research by Clicker, that's the fact of the matter. 90% of 2009-2010 broadcast TV was on Internet. It makes me wonder what the other 10% was and if they include places like PBS and C-SPAN.

YouTube Tops 14.5 Billion and Sets Record Says ComScore

It's certainly long in the coming. YouTube, well technically the Google sites, topped 14.6 billion video streams in May according to comScore. Yes, those computators of computationals are back with their latest stats set, this time it's for May 2010. What have they to say?

13 Billion Videos On YouTube for 135.7 Million Viewers In April

My post last month about comScore's metrics got eaten by the ReelSEO gremlins and disappeared into the ether but I'm here again, this time hopefully my insightful commentary won't bend time/space and make the entire article disappear again (which must be what happened last time).

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