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Flip is a character in the comic strip Little Nemo in Slumberland. He is the son of the Sun and nephew of the Dawn, something of a ne’er-do-well, and more or less an outcast: the residents of Slumberland want nothing to do with him. In his earliest appearances, he spends his time in Slumberland vying with Nemo for the Princess’ attentions, unafraid to play dirty. As the strip progresses, Flip evolves from Nemo’s nemesis to his tolerated companion to his close friend, and bec...

Online Video Marketing Basics: Part 4 – Choosing The Right Video Production Equipment

Online Video Marketing Basics: Part 4   Choosing The Right Video Production Equipment

Welcome to Part 4 of our ongoing Online Video Marketing Basics series.  It's intended to be a help—a sort of guide, if you will—for individuals and businesses just getting started with online video.  We've already covered Why You Should Get Involved with online video, Choosing …

Online Video Marketing Basics Part 3 – Self-Produce or Hire A Professional?

Online Video Marketing Basics Part 3   Self Produce or Hire A Professional?

Once you've made the decision to get involved in online video, and picked the video style that you think fits both your personality and your goals, it's time to start thinking about production.  And in online video production, there are really only two choices:  self-produce, …

The Rules of Online Video Marketing and PR

The Rules of Online Video Marketing and PR

I recently did a Skype Video interviewed with author David Meerman Scott on the 2nd release of his popular book, The New Rules of Marketing and PR, which has won praise in The New York Times and Computerworld reviews, been on the BusinessWeek bestseller list, …

John McCain’s New Website Video Campaign Strategy for 2010

ReelSEO’s Grant Crowell interviews Corey Vale, Internet Marketing Director for the John McCain 2010 senate campaign, about their new user-generated video content feature – the “Video Supporter Wall.” Could 2010 be the year that political campaigns on the federal and state level finally kick it into high gear with online video?

My Christmas Wishlist for The Ideal Digital Pocket Camcorder

ReelSEO’s Grant Crowell puts together his wish list for what pocket digital HD camcorder manufacturers should add to their feature list in early 2010, so as to include more professional and business-quality video uses of their products.

Viral Video Marketing Round Up – Lessons From This Week’s Viral Video Successes – 10/30/2009

Welcome back to the third edition of this weekly series where we examine viral video successes (and sometimes failures).  The goal is to reverse engineer the examples to help break apart and identify what factors helped the video go viral.  Learning from those who succeeded …

Creating Videos for Business On A Shoestring Budget

Think it's too expensive to start marketing your business using online video? Think it's too complicated to start marketing your business using online video? Nope and nope.  Use the powerful one-two punch of the Flip camcorder and Animoto to make stunning video on a shoestring budget.

Flip Ultra HD Camcorder Test Review Video

http://www.reelseo.com/flip-ultra-hd-camcorder/8790/ Flip Ultra HD Camcorder Test Review Video from ReelSEO

The Video SEO Creative Vado HD Review

Grant Crowell of ReelSEO reviews  the Creative Vado HD digital pocket camcorder – is it good enough for serious business use, online video marketing and video seo? Watch our YouTube playlist and see us put it through a full battery of tests,  learn about the …

Flip Mino HD Camcorder Review – Good or Bad for Business Video?

Billed as the "world's smallest HD camcorder," is the Flip mino HD a smart investment for those serious about online video marketing and video SEO? ReelSEO's Grant Crowell, and video producer and director Bob Sandidge of Creative Core Media, put the camcorder through a series …

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