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Firefox is a 1982 American action film produced, directed by and starring Clint Eastwood. It is based upon the 1977 novel of the same name by Craig Thomas.
Though the film was set in Russia, authentic filming locations were not possible due to the Cold War, forcing Eastwood’s and Fritz Manes’s Malpaso Company to rely on Vienna and other locations in Austria to double for many of the Eurasian story locations. The film was shot on a $21 million budget.
A joint Anglo-Amer...

Videosurf Announces Search and Video Lookup APIs

VideoSurf recently announced some new APIs are ready for everyone to tinker with. Videosurf is a video search engine that covers some of the largest video site like Hulu, ESPN, YouTube and more. The two new APIs they've announced are Video Search and Video Lookup. ...

Zinc Living Room Internet Video Browser Updated

You might not be familiar with Zinc, ZeeVee renamed it from Zviewer a while back. It's a single, living-room friendly user interface that is designed to be operated with a remote control and viewed on the "big screen." The major problem with pre-packaged media browsers ... Review - The Source for HD Video Sharing?

Well that's what they say on their about page They go on to say: "Wildscreen.TV lets video creators cash in, not sell out and offers 100% Ad Revenue to their users if they place their own adverts on their custom channel." That's not such a ... – Replacing Your Television Schedule? Doubtful for Now – Replacing Your Television Schedule? Doubtful for Now

Tvissimo's tagline is 'demote the remote.' Though I'm not exactly sure how much this service would really replace the remote for most people.  Sure it's a handy service in regards to television schedules for your local area, when it works properly.

The Lexus of Video Sharing Social Communities - Test Drive With

The Lexus of Video Sharing Social Communities   Test Drive With

High-Quality, High Resolution, High Ambitions - Openfilm is not YouTube. I think if you were to even call them a YouTube clone you might offend the site's designers and founders not to mention the content publishers and users. Instead, OpenFilm is more like the Lexus of ...

Mozilla Grants $100K To Develop Open Source Online Video Platform

The Mozilla Foundation is trying to open one of the last proprietary parts of the Web: Video standards. The group behind the Firefox browser announced that it is giving a $100,000 grant, by way of the Wikimedia Foundation , to help develop an open-source standard ...

JW Player and Long Tail Video Platform Overview - The #1 Open Source Video Player

JW Player and Long Tail Video Platform Overview   The #1 Open Source Video Player - Long Tail Video Ad Solutions - An overview of and the JW Players - JW FLV Player and JW Media Players.

Video Thumbnail Images for Bloggers A "BUG" On Google SERPS - Problem Resolved

This past week I was in Toronto for Christmas and decided to do some Google keyword searches for my site.  What I found was a bit odd in that there was a new thumbnail appearing for my site's result (see below).   I thought that perhaps ...

Gmail Video Chat - Google's Voice and Video Chat - A Work In Progress

Google recently switched on the tubes behind Google Video Chat. Mark Robertson and I had a chance to test it out and here are my thoughts on it. The video and audio chats require that you have the Google Talk Plugin v1.0.2.0 installed. Unfortunately, it ...

Youku and Mozilla Partner To Enrich Online Video Viewing

Youku, the leading Chinese Internet video website, today announced it has become the sole online video provider embedded in the China Edition of Mozilla Firefox, a highly popular web browser with a 20% worldwide market share. This is the first time Mozilla will cooperate with ...

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