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BitGravity – A Cool, Quick Embeddable Player + Major Content Delivery Network

Need to embed a video in a site super-duper fast? Why not try the 3 form version of Bitgravity Player 6. Give it a video URL, width and height and you're all set. But is it truly that easy?

Social Media: Sharing, Theft and The Fine Line

I've recently had problems with some of my content being republished without any request for permission, links back to the site or editing of the content. As far as I'm concerned that constitutes plagiarism as they are taking credit for the content, copyright infringement as …

NCC Extends Advertiser Options Through Mixpo Technology

Mixpo is working to extend the reach of cable TV ad campaigns by taking them online and turning them into interactive ads. It seems that advertising is converging faster than television and the Internet are, or is it? Mixpo just signed a deal with NCC …

Time Warner To Make YouTube Profitable?

As I pointed out in my Dark Side of Online Video article, Viacom is suing YouTube for all sorts of copyright infringement and that case is being run in conjunction with a class action lawsuit from other quarters. Meanwhile, Time Warner has taken a different …

Video Heatmaps, A Breakthrough for Sales Teams?

Grant Crowell of ReelSEO reviews Wistia’s Video Heatmaps feature for their web-based video marketing, sales, and collaboration application.

Vimeo Gives You More Features Now

Vimeo just announced one important change to their service and several new features. As they're one of the big boys I thought it would be appropriate to let you all know.

Microsoft Silverlight 3 Offers H.264, Full HD, Dev Tools

Version 3 of Microsoft's video player is out and included a host of new functionality including H.264  and High-Definition video. The multimedia software is available for Mac OS X (Intel-based Macs), Linux and of course, Windows.

Wistia Embedded Video Metrics – The Video Solution for SMBs?

I review the video sharing application and project management service, Wistia, and talk with CEO Chris Savage on how they are positioning themselves as an affordable top-tier business solution for the SMB crowd.

Youtube Doubles Upload File Size Limit – More HD

Damn it is hard to keep up with all the changes that Youtube has been launching.  This is one that Im certain you will all be thrilled to hear about, because it means more HD.

Is Ogg Theora The Savior of Online Video?

Ogg Theora, the magical, mystical, savior of the online video movement? Tapped to be part of the Open Video Standards and set to take its position at center stage in the push for widespread online video acceptance, but is it all it can be and …

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