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Kaltura’s New Exchange Lets Developers Strut Their Stuff

ReelSEO’s Grant Crowell interviews Kaltura CEO Ron Yekutiel at the National Association of Broadcasters conference in Las Vegas, to share about their new Exchange program connecting online video application providers to publishers.

HTML 5 Video Advertising Solutions? Oh Yeah!

HTML 5 isn't even a solid set of standards and yet, we've now already got an ad network for it thanks to MeFeedia who have already launched HTML5 Video as part of their All Player video ad solution. On top of that mDialog also introduced …

Apple IAds HTML 5-based Interactivity

Apple announced they are getting into the mobile ads business with iAds. This was coupled with the Apple iPhone OS 4.0 announcement. They'll offer developers a 60% revenue split and Steve Jobs stated it's all HTML 5-based technology. Nifty!

Vimeo Launches “PlusStats” Video Analytics for Paid Members

Vimeo decided it was high time there were some super cool ultra-modern video analytics for Vimeo Plus users, so now you have them.  The analytics for Vimeo Plus users needed a nifty name because typing that all the time is tiring. So they've called it Vimeo …

Protected: Easy Web Video Marketing Software and Service Overview

Easy Web Video Marketing Software and Service Overview

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

YouTube and Google Patent Game Technology for Web Video

Yes, Google and YouTube are getting in the games industry. And why not? They're already in a slew of other online service industries, so why not one more. But this one is special because it's using web-based video. Not only that, but it takes otherwise …

Vzaar – Making Commercial Web Video Hosting Simple

Vzaar   Making Commercial Web Video Hosting Simple

Vzaar.com is a lot of things. First off, they're a sponsor here at ReelSEO. That  affects me not since I'm just a freelance contributor but because Mark wanted to make sure it was mentioned. Second, probably first to them, it's an online service that lets …

Internet Video Publishing Advice, Best Practices and Tips

Last month, I had the pleasure of speaking on several panels at PubCon 2009, an industry trade show put on by WebMasterWorld that is programmed specifically for web professionals and website site owners. My favorite, was a session titled, "Best Practices for Video Creation, Integration and …

How To Customize YouTube Player Embeds – Tips and Tricks

How To Customize YouTube Player Embeds   Tips and Tricks

Last month, I spoke on several panels at the PubCon conference about online video.  In one session, titled, "Best Practices for Video Creation, Integration & Marketing," I focused my presentation on how to best integrate online video in a website.  There was a lot of information covered …

YouTube Fine-tunes URLs and HTML Embed Code

YouTube has always been embarrassed by its unsightly URL format where it was using an ampersand instead of a question mark. Now it's fixed that problem so it's time to rejoice

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