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Get Automated and Personalized With E-Commerce Video

All stores want to grow their business. And as an online retailer you do that in many ways -increasing your product offering, services and site functionality. But as you grow in each area, new challenges arise, particularly in terms of logistics. Keeping track of an ...

Announcing The 2010 Video Commerce Summit Speaker Lineup

The 2010 Video Commerce Summit has announced its speaker lineup, gaining momentum in its second year as the e-commerce industry's only annual gathering of e-commerce video practitioners and thought leaders.

Fun Tip to Increase Video Conversion Rates 100 Percent or More

We already know that online video can help to increase sales conversions - but, with a simple enhancement, you can more than double your video conversion rates.  Invodo, an online video solutions provider for e-commerce retailers and manufacturers, released a new video whitepaper today that exposes groundbreaking ...

Interactive and Clickable Video Drives E-Commerce Conversions

Remember when video was going to be interactive and we'd all click on Jennifer Aniston's sweater to buy one for ourselves? Well, that day is gone, but hotspotting is finally taking off thanks to Web video. Hotspotting refers to clicking on an object in a ...

LiveClicker Launches Interactive HTML5 Video for E-Commerce

When the HTML5 news rains, it pours. Today we have news that video commerce platform provider Liveclicker has released the industry's first HTML5 player supporting interactive video commerce. The player is already live on Onlineshoes.tv for Chrome, Safari, and iPhone users, and is expected to ...

Copy This: Copy Matters, Especially In Product Videos!

No matter what technology comes (and goes) text will always be in fashion. Words drive almost every industry, particularly from a marketing perspective. Our words dictate how we present, communicate, display and ultimately sell. While a picture may be worth a thousand words, one great ...

Website Redesign, SEO, and Video - Keys To E-Commerce Future

eMarketer recently reported on some results from an study conducted by Internet Retailer that show us where eCommerce retailers plan to focus their energy in the future. Namely, site redesigns for SEO, video or streaming media, and better customer experience.

Harnessing Off-Site Videos To Increase E-Commerce Visibility

Videos' impact on search rankings has been discussed here rather extensively in the past.  A few months ago we interviewed Search Engine Marketing and Optimization veteran Bruce Clay who helps clarify the importance of on-site videos for search rankings.

Videos Sell Products – Even If Users Don’t Actually Watch Them

Videos Sell Products – Even If Users Don’t Actually Watch Them

While adding video to your online store isn't exactly new, it is still a medium in its infancy.  Only within the last year or so have retailers begun to wake up to the power of video as a marketing tool that builds customer confidence and ...

Maximize ECommerce ROI With “Smart” Product Video Banners

Featuring videos on product pages is becoming an important and popular tool to enhance shoppers' experience and increase sales. There's a new breed of "smart" video banners that take this technique to the next level by ensuring that e-commerce retailers showcase the top-performing product videos.

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