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Social Media and User-Generated Video – The Power of Trust

Nate Elliott of Forrester Research talks about the importance of social media as it pertains to video, the benefits of tapping into user-generated video, and the great opportunity in online video advertising that is presented by the current economy

Simultaneous IPhone, Web and TV Live Video? Wowza!

Telestream and Wowza have shined light on a deal between them that will offer live video production and universal streaming to the iPhone, Web and TV. That is something to say Wowza! about!

Defining ROI for Online Video: A Fluid and Frank Discussion

Mark Portu, CEO of The FeedRoom, looks back at the first 10 years of online video and offers practical advice on achieving ROI Over the years, we've seen Web video evolve from a relatively nascent, one-way mass medium into a popular and far-reaching platform for …

Video Ads In Your Print Magazines?

Entertainment Weekly's September 18th edition will contain an unprecedented piece of content:  a video ad.  Pepsi and CBS have teamed up for the ad that will run spots for several CBS shows like "How I Met Your Mother" and "Two and a Half Men," as …

Blip.tv Adds More Knobs To Dashboard, Expands Distribution Channels

Blip.TV recently decided that they didn't have enough knobs, switches, levers, buttons and what nots on their dashboard. So they decided to upgrade it and throw in some new things for you to play with. Additionally, since they were doing some work anyway, they decided …

How To Make Online Video Accessible To SMBs

In order for online video to become a completely viable marketing tool it needs to be accessible to all levels of business from sole proprietors all the way up to multinational corporations. There are far more SMBs than large corporations and that means there's a …

Video SEO Webinar – The “Reel” Story On Getting Your Online Video Discovered

I'm pleased to announce that I will be participating in an upcoming FREE Video SEO webinar produced by Streaming Media magazine and StreamingMedia.com.  Dan Rayburn, EVP of Streaming Media, will be moderating the event and I'll be presenting along with Marcien Jenckes, Co-President of Grab Networks. The webinar …

Web Video Marketing – 10 Common Web Video Marketing Mistakes

Web Video Marketing   10 Common Web Video Marketing Mistakes

This week there was a good post by Michael Kolowich of ChannelOne Marketing titled, "Ten Ways Marketers Drop the Ball in Video Marketing."  Michael offers some advice as far as what not to do upon deploying a web video marketing project.  I thought it would be a …

Digitalsmiths Lets You Search Inside Video

Digitalsmiths claims to have a so-called 'skin detection algorithm' that will allow users of the video search engine to search for dialogue, nude scenes and more… How peculiar.

Streaming Media Market To Grow 135% Over 5 Years

It is estimated that the streaming media business segment will generate more than $78 billion in revenue in the United States over the next six years. That's a fat stack of cash!

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