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In logic, the converse of a categorical or implicational statement is the result of reversing its two parts. For the implication P → Q, the converse is Q → P. For the categorical proposition All S is P, the converse is All P is S. In neither case does the converse necessarily follow from the original statement. The categorical converse of a statement is contrasted with the contrapositive and the obverse.
If S is a statement of the form P implies Q (P → Q), then the converse of S i...

TwitVid Co-Founder Betting That Brands Will See Value In Social Video Advertising

TwitVid Co Founder Betting That Brands Will See Value In Social Video Advertising

I wrote an article last week entitled TwitVid Launches Mysterious New Social Video Ad Platform.  You may have read it.  And I chose that title because I was frustrated by the lack of details that were publicly available regarding the launch of the new ad …

TwitVid Launches Mysterious Social Video Ad Platform

TwitVid Launches Mysterious Social Video Ad Platform

You want to know what I love?  When companies announce new video-related products or services.  Seriously… I'm a video nut, and I get excited about new things.  Want to know what I hate?  When new products or services are announced, but not remotely explained.  Such …

Optimizing Online Video for ROI – Making Video Accountable

The demand for video from consumers has long been identified and early adopters in the e-tailing segment, such as Zappos, have publicly announced their intention to provide video alongside tens of thousands of product offerings in the coming year. There is a developing consensus that …

Facebook Video Ads Rock – Cheaper, More Engaging

Facebook Video Ads Rock   Cheaper, More Engaging

TubeMogul, the online video distribution, analytics, and video ad network, has released a new report comparing video ads on Facebook to comparable click-to-view video ad units on publisher sites—in other words, they compared video ads on Facebook to video ads that typically stand alone.

Real-Time, Dynamic Video Ads for Retail Advertisers

A new service from Dynamic Video is hoping to solve one of the most vexing issues direct marketing and e-commerce retail advertisers face with online video ads.  I thought I'd take a moment to talk about why I think this has tremendous potential.

HTML5 Is Better Than Sliced Bread for Online Video Advertising!

A recent post over at Mediapost talked about how HTML 5 is going to completely rewrite the online video advertising landscape. I beg to differ because I, unlike many, don't buy into all the hype surrounding everything and I'm too lazy to hop on all …

E-Commerce Retailers Find Value In Online Video

Our pals at eMarketer (well not sure we're exactly pals) have done some new research pertaining to how retailers see the value of online video panning out. From all indications, it seems to be quite good.

Viewers Are More Likely To Share Videos With Less Branding

There is a pretty good piece over at Ad Age by Josh Warner—he's the President and Founder of Feed Company, which is an online video promotions and distribution firm.  He has some interesting insight into how viral videos are spread through social media, and what …

Fun Tip to Increase Video Conversion Rates 100 Percent or More

We already know that online video can help to increase sales conversions - but, with a simple enhancement, you can more than double your video conversion rates.  Invodo, an online video solutions provider for e-commerce retailers and manufacturers, released a new video whitepaper today that exposes groundbreaking …

Goal Setting Is Step #1 In Creating Viral Videos That Convert

I have been thinking a lot about this topic ever since I read about how poor the sales have been for OK Go following the band's latest viral video hit, the music video for "This Too Shall Pass.”  You could argue that their original hit, …

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