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In logic, the converse of a categorical or implicational statement is the result of reversing its two parts. For the implication P → Q, the converse is Q → P. For the categorical proposition All S is P, the converse is All P is S. In neither case does the converse necessarily follow from the original statement. The categorical converse of a statement is contrasted with the contrapositive and the obverse.
If S is a statement of the form P implies Q (P → Q), then the converse of S i...

2010 Video Marketing Quiz – Can You Guess Which Videos Performed Best?

Last year, EyeView launched a fun interactive quiz based on A/B testing data that was designed to test your video marketing instincts.  This year, they are at it again with a new quiz that will get you to think about how simple variations within implementation of website …

Small and Medium Businesses To Embrace Video Email Marketing

So yesterday I wrote this totally awesome article about this. Unfortunately, WordPress did an eat and delete on it. So now you're stuck with this far less witty and entertaining, yet still as informative, rewrite. My apologies…send hate to WordPress please.

Video Ad Re-Targeting Converts Better, Says SpotXchange

SpotXchange says that retargeting consumers who didn't buy the first time round actually works to increase results. But what is it and how does it work? More importantly, how well does it work?

Videos Sell Products – Even If Users Don’t Actually Watch Them

Videos Sell Products – Even If Users Don’t Actually Watch Them

While adding video to your online store isn't exactly new, it is still a medium in its infancy.  Only within the last year or so have retailers begun to wake up to the power of video as a marketing tool that builds customer confidence and …

10 Things To Test When Optimizing Video for Conversions

Let's make one thing clear. Video works. The right video solution on your page will increase the number of people that reach your conversion goal. Whoa! Too much jargon? I'll make it simple. Your site has one main function – to make you money. The …

Vimeo Takes It All On The Road

Vimeo recently announced that their clever developers have finished up a way for your videos to be mobile. Yes, including iPhone, iPod Touch, Android and Palm Pre.

Maximize ECommerce ROI With “Smart” Product Video Banners

Featuring videos on product pages is becoming an important and popular tool to enhance shoppers' experience and increase sales. There's a new breed of "smart" video banners that take this technique to the next level by ensuring that e-commerce retailers showcase the top-performing product videos.

7 Tips for Adding Website Videos That Sell Products

The widespread availability of broadband and the purchase of YouTube by Google in October 2006 have made online video one of the fastest growing trends on the web in the past three years. Not surprisingly – it's fun, entertaining and accessible – from both a viewer's and …

Video Demos Increase Sales Conversions At

Video Demos Increase Sales Conversions At

At the recent Streaming Media West 2009 show, Rico Nasol, Content Team Senior Manager at spoke on the video commerce session about what they're doing with video and how effective it is. It's so interesting that we had to talk about it as well. …

uSocial Is Selling YouTube Views – Should You Buy YouTube Video Views?

uSocial, the company that has created controversy regarding their services in the past, is at it again.  You might remember them as the company that sold Diggs for your Digg submission, friends for your Facebook account, and followers of your Twitter ramblings.  Now they're offering …

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