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comScore is an Internet analytics company providing marketing data and analytics to many of the world’s largest enterprises, agencies, and publishers.
ComScore Networks was founded in August 1999 in Reston, Virginia. The company was co-founded by Gian Fulgoni, who was for many years the CEO of market research company Information Resources, Inc. (IRI) and Magid Abraham, who was also an ex-IRI employee and had served as President of IRI in the mid-1990s.
Magid and Gian came up...

eTailers Improve ROI With Video Says Adobe Scene7 White Paper

A new white paper has been released by Adobe Scene7, the rich-media enterprise solution, detailing how eTailers are using Video to better ROi. I got my hands on it and have the juicy details below (albeit in brief of course) along with my thoughts.

Online Ad Effectiveness Rivals TV? Yep!

I just wrote (yesterday) that we need some sort of study of online video ads versus TV ads. Oddly, here's a study that did almost exactly that. They didn't focus on video advertising online, unfortunately, but they're near the mark.

Google Users Are More Loyal and More Active… Probably

New data from ComScore shows that Google users run more searches than Yahoo and Microsoft users… combined.  According to the research, Google users conduct an average of 54.5 searches.  Yahoo users perform 24.5 searches and Microsoft users run 26.9 queries. More interesting than that, though, …

Brightroll’s Successful Q2 2009

Brightroll is..well, on a roll. Their latest quarter numbers show why they have become the third-largest property tracked by ComScore (behind Google and FOX), and the only ad network in the top ten.

Adobe Gets Serious With Open Source – Opens Up That MF

Adobe has started to take open source video serious and now has the open source media framework (osmf, strobe). Read about Adobe opens up flash media player framework

BrightRoll Makes The List of Lists – Top 10 Video Property

Brightroll has made the list of lists in regards to online video properties according to ComScore. Hurrah! The firm recently announced that ComScore's Video Metrix has ranked them in the top 10 and is the only ad network to break that line.

Recession and State of Online Video Industry Limit Adoption

More amazingly obvious research has been done by someone. This time it's been shown that the recession is the direct cause of an emerging, not fully tested way of marketing your company and product not being rapidly adopted. I know, you're all shocked and appalled …

Hulu Traffic Growth Slows, Dramatically

Ok so, Hulu, who recently had a row with Nielsen over traffic numbers, is suddenly not the high flyer that it once was. I'm sure it's nothing serious and might even just be a bump in the road partly due to a lot of series …

Online Testing for Video Ads Is Not Common Practice

Marketing Sherpa has released a new report talking about the testing of ads prior to placement online is fairly uncommon. If you take a look at the chart you can see that only around 33% of those using video ads online actually test the ads …

Hulu Vs. Nielsen The War of Numbers

According to the New York Times, Hulu is angry, angry with Nielsen. ComScore, who probably doesn't even like Nielsen considering their past, sides with Hulu. Hanging in the balance are the true traffic numbers of Hulu and the reputations of all involved. The problem gets …

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