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comScore is an Internet analytics company providing marketing data and analytics to many of the world’s largest enterprises, agencies, and publishers.
ComScore Networks was founded in August 1999 in Reston, Virginia. The company was co-founded by Gian Fulgoni, who was for many years the CEO of market research company Information Resources, Inc. (IRI) and Magid Abraham, who was also an ex-IRI employee and had served as President of IRI in the mid-1990s.
Magid and Gian came up...

Brightroll Rolls Out ROI Measurement Products

Keep rolling, rolling, rolling...out the new products! Brightroll teamed up with Vizu, Nielsen, InsightExpress and comScore to put together a series of new measurement products for its users. Roll on through to find out more.

comScore Says Brightroll Tops 97% Reach In May. Booya!

Yes, 97% of Internet users apparently see something served up by the Brightroll ad agency (lati Doti, they love the Todi...old school rap lyrics anyone?). That's a pretty stout piece of the pie. But they're not alone in that rare area of the stratosphere...

Facebook Is The 2nd Largest Referral Source for Online Video

Facebook Is The 2nd Largest Referral Source for Online Video

When Christophor wrote last week about the latest comScore numbers on online video, the first thing I did was dig through the data for something odd.  It's an instinct for me.  I'm always trying to find the odd number out… the thing that doesn't make ...

13 Billion Videos On YouTube for 135.7 Million Viewers In April

My post last month about comScore's metrics got eaten by the ReelSEO gremlins and disappeared into the ether but I'm here again, this time hopefully my insightful commentary won't bend time/space and make the entire article disappear again (which must be what happened last time).

Online Video Streaming Reaches Into Rural Markets

Those purveyors of numbers and panel research, comScore, have another report, this time showing how regional ISPs are boosting bandwidth in rural markets. So that means when people aren't out tilling the fields, they're in the house online? It would seem so. The growth numbers ...

80% of Internet Users Watch Online Video, Worldwide caught up with Tania Yuki from comScore and found out that 80% of all net users worldwide watch video online. Aren't you glad you were there before they arrived?

Video Advertising Is The Fastest Growing Ad Format Online

Video Advertising Is The Fastest Growing Ad Format Online

Video advertising is the fastest growing advertising format online, so says a new survey from BrightRoll—one of the largest online video advertising networks.  The pace of growth for online video ad spending is expected to remain around 40% for 2010—the same rate of growth as ...

YouTube Almost Hit 100 Videos Per Viewer Last Month

comScore has released their March 2010 Video Metrix numbers and one of the most fascinating things is that YouTube viewers are watching, on average, 96 videos in the month. That would be 3.2 videos per day, every day. Also, over 180 million U.S. web surfers ...

Online Video Viewing Soars 37% Year Over Year In The UK

Sure, the US is seeing something of a sputter in the online video growth curve. In fact it's sort of flatlined recently, but while that might be the case, our English-speaking counterparts across the big pond are seeing some expansion in their online video viewing ...

Hulu Dances As Viewers Watch 2.4 Hours In February

Dance Hulu dance (and bring your content overseas already, sheesh!) comScore is reporting that for the month of February Hulu viewers watched a hearty 2.4 hours each. But what's that mean for the rest of the industry?

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