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A case study (also known as a case report) is an intensive analysis of an individual unit (e.g., a person, group, or event) stressing developmental factors in relation to context. The case study is common in social sciences and life sciences. Case studies may be descriptive or explanatory. The latter type is used to explore causation in order to find underlying principles. They may be prospective (in which criteria are established and cases fitting the criteria are included as they become ava...

IBM Embraces Web Video As A Vital Internal Communication Tool

IBM Embraces Web Video As A Vital Internal Communication Tool

Here at ReelSEO, we're interested in pretty much anything to do with video:  video production, video equipment, video marketing, or even video conversion rates for e-commerce.  We're kind of obsessed with video.  And it seems like maybe IBM is starting to get obsessed with video ...

Connecting Advertisers With Consumers Via Biased Video Recommendations

Not many people know this, but Zara is a very unique fashion company compared to other mega fashion brands. Instead of focusing on inventing the next clothing item people want to buy , Zara built an advanced technology that can bias or push their entire ...

Google's Official Reference Guide for Video Sitemaps

Googles Official Reference Guide for Video Sitemaps

Last month, I interviewed Matt Cutts, Principal Engineer at Google, on the subject of Google Video Sitemaps.  Matt told us that Google was starting to take a much closer look at video sitemaps and he advised that all video publishers begin to explore video sitemaps.  Today, ...

Video E-Commerce and Video SEO for Retailers: The EMarketer Interview

ReelSEO's Grant Crowell interviews senior eMarketer analyst Jeffrey Grau, author of the recently report, Video E-Commerce, Innovative Models Drive Sales. Jeffrey shares with Grant on how Video SEO also plays a big factor in driving e-commerce for retailers, and the importance to understanding key variables before deciding on a video e-commerce, or “vee-commerce” strategy of one's own.

Video Ad Re-Targeting Converts Better, Says SpotXchange

SpotXchange says that retargeting consumers who didn't buy the first time round actually works to increase results. But what is it and how does it work? More importantly, how well does it work?

The Benefits of A Targeted YouTube Distribution Strategy

Increasingly, more brands have been expanding into the social media realm. Whether by embracing Facebook, engaging with Twitter, incorporating YouTube, or creating interactive visual content in the online space, brands have been enhancing the online experience. Specifically, it's the creation of high quality brand videos ...

Original Web Video Series = Success for Retail Shopping

The economic uncertainty combined with a shift to digital marketing has lead to more companies jumping on the interactive alternative of online video as part of their brand strategy. The core reasons for digital media's success may be explained in unique areas that cannot be ...

Learnings From This Week's Viral Video Success Stories - 10/14/2009

I'm a bit of a viral video nerd.  I like following the trends, seeing what videos are exploding versus those that are not, and then the real fun:  trying to figure out what makes one work where another fails.  It's a very inexact science. This ...

2 Social Media Object Lessons for Small Businesses

2 Social Media Object Lessons for Small Businesses

This week I found a wonderful one-two punch of encouragement for small businesses venturing online—and make no mistake, small businesses are flocking to social media and online video.  The articles offer me two instances that prove that small business has no reason to be afraid.

Leveraging The Power of YouTube for Search Marketing

At SES San Jose 2009 last month, we had a chance to chat with our friend Greg Jarobe, co-founder of SEO-PR and author of "YouTube Marketing - An Hour a Day" Greg talks about YouTube and why internet marketing professionals and search marketers should leverage the power of YouTube.

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