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Broadcast are an indie electronic band, founded in Birmingham, England. Original members were Trish Keenan (vocals), Roj Stevens (keyboards), Tim Felton (guitar) and James Cargill (bass). Various drummers played with the band, including Keith York, Phil Jenkins, Jeremy Barnes, Steve Perkins, and Neil Bullock. As of 2005, the group consisted of Keenan and Cargill, with Felton having departed to form a new project, Seeland, with Billy Bainbridge, formerly of another Birmingham Warp act Plone. A...

Finding Your Audience with Heat-Seeking Online Video Marketing Missiles

Finding Your Audience with Heat Seeking Online Video Marketing Missiles

Audiences are becoming increasingly fragmented in the ways they find and experience entertainment content and related marketing messages, which can be frustrating for the brands, businesses marketers and advertisers that are trying to reach them. There is indecision and hesitancy about where to best spend …

Google TV (Logitech Revue) vs. Boxee vs. Roku vs. Apple TV – Internet-TV Device Comparison

Google TV (Logitech Revue) vs. Boxee vs. Roku vs. Apple TV   Internet TV Device Comparison

While off at CES 2011 with Mark I picked up a piece of propaganda literature from Logitech about the Revue and all it had to offer so I thought I would scan it. Well my scanner is on the fritz, so I was going to …

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