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The term broadband refers to the wide bandwidth characteristics of a transmission medium and its ability to transport multiple signals and traffic types simultaneously. The medium can be coax, optical fiber, twisted pair or wireless. In contrast, baseband, describes a communication system in which information is transported across a single channel.
Prior to the invention of home broadband, dial-up Internet access was the only means by which one could access the Internet and download fil...

Video To Push Monthly Internet Consumption To 15Tb Per User

Last week, Cisco introduced a super-fast new router, CRS 3 that will increase throughput up to 322 Terabits (purportedly the whole US Library of Congress), in a second. Suraj Shetty, VP  Worldwide Service Provider Marketing for Cisco, told Daisy Whitney that the average user in …

Nearly A Million Americans Have Ditched Cable for Online TV

It's fun to speculate about the shift from television viewing to Internet.  When will it happen?  How long before there are more people watching online than on television?  There's typically a lot of speculation in articles like these.  Heck, I'm guilty of it myself on …

An Exabyte A Month of Video Viewing? Sooner Than You Think!

I know, you're asking what the hell an exabyte (EB) is aren't you? Well it's 1,000,000,000,000,000,000 bytes – a quintillion, 1018, a billion gigabytes, a…well you get the picture. Yes, quintillion is a word (the US/UK version not the other one). When? Delve into the …

How Rapid Growth In Mobile Technology and HTML 5 Will Impact Video

Michael Boland, Program Director of Mobile Local Media at the Kelsey Group, speaks with us at SES San Jose 2009 about how rapid growth in mobile technology and html5 will impact video in the future.

The Dark Side of Online Video?

Just as there are white hat and black hat hackers, SEO companies and just about everything else in the world, there is also black hat online video…the so-called pirates. But where is the line drawn between legal and illegal video and where is the line …

Yahoo Finds Online Video Viewing Peaks, New Engagement Measurements?

Are people watching videos during the day? At Work? Doesn't everyone? Yahoo commissioned some new research to find out just exactly how consumers interact with online video including where, when and how much…

Google Gets ON2 Video Compression

Google is in the buying mood again it seems as they recently gobbled up ON2 Technologies who create high-quality video compression technology. What's that mean for the video web? One can never be certain, can one? But we'll tell you what WE think.

Broadband Adoption Rises Sixfold In Seven Years

A recent study has revealed that broadband adoption has increases more than sixfold from the period 2001 to 2008. Great news for all of us in the online video industry as that is what fuels the growth of our endeavors right?

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