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BrightRoll is a privately held online video advertising services provider that executes video ad campaigns on household name media and broadcast properties for brand advertisers and agencies.
BrightRoll is the largest video ad network and third largest video property on the Web. The company serves hundreds of millions of video ads per month to more than 65 million unique viewers.
The company was founded in 2006 by Tod Sacerdoti, the company’s CEO, Dru Nelson, who serves as CTO, ...

The State of The Video Advertising Industry Q3 2009

Tod Sacerdoti from Brightroll recently dropped some stats pertaining to how they see the market shaping up and performing through the third quarter of the year. Some were quite interesting so I thought I would share them with you.

BrightRoll Rolls Open UK Office, Goes Global

Brightroll is done serving only the US in regards to it's advertising. It's ready to spread global thanks to its  global location- and language-based initiatives that expand its focus and services beyond the United States.

The Xspot - Local TV and Online Video Ad Convergence

Even though some consumers may be turning to the Internet more and more to watch television, TV is not going away anytime soon. For me, I need it to fall asleep ;-)  Likewise, local television ad spending is not going away anytime soon either.  Advertisers are ...

Brightroll Launches Behavior Ad Targeting

Good old Tod Sacerdoti (not as in old but as in good old Tod) and the folks at Brightroll are at it again. This time they've improved on an area where many people say is holding online video advertising back and in which it is ...

July Biggest Month Ever for Online Video, Hulu Tops Time Warner Cable

July was a big month all around for online video (according to comScore) but perhaps it was the biggest month yet for Hulu who, according to various research, surpassed Time Warner in viewership during the month. Could this be the turning point for the cable ...

Brightroll's Successful Q2 2009

Brightroll is..well, on a roll. Their latest quarter numbers show why they have become the third-largest property tracked by ComScore (behind Google and FOX), and the only ad network in the top ten.

FedEx Skips Super Bowl, Opts for Online Video

Fed-Ex has thumbed their nose at the old guard way of advertising early in the year and instead opted for online video. So don't hold your breath on the uber-cool Fed-Ex Super Bowl commercial as it just won't be there. Does this mark a major ...

BrightRoll Makes The List of Lists - Top 10 Video Property

Brightroll has made the list of lists in regards to online video properties according to ComScore. Hurrah! The firm recently announced that ComScore's Video Metrix has ranked them in the top 10 and is the only ad network to break that line.

Recession and State of Online Video Industry Limit Adoption

More amazingly obvious research has been done by someone. This time it's been shown that the recession is the direct cause of an emerging, not fully tested way of marketing your company and product not being rapidly adopted. I know, you're all shocked and appalled ...

Video Impact, Ad Tracking and More - Interview Tod Sacerdoti of BrightRoll

Brightroll, the video advertising network, recently announced their Video Impact program to track online video campaign impact on retail sales. When the announcement was made I was somewhat skeptical of the validity of the data as they chose Nielsen as the tracking firm. As a ...

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