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Branding, in the BDSM context, refers to a method of creating bonding between partners by creating a permanent marking that is like a cattle brand on the body of the collared submissive by the dominant master.
When branding, one or more than one pieces of metal with a long handle and a metal design at the end of the handle are heated and then placed upon the skin briefly to burn the brand into the submissive’s skin, leaving a design of some sort. A lesser alternative is the use of...

Is Your Video A Vehicle or A Destination?

I had a really interesting and occasionally heated discussion with a client today about the purpose of video, and I thought it was worth a broader discussion. The issue was the use of online video—specifically with YouTube in this instance—and how it's intended purpose drives …

Video Marketing Tops Search Marketing As A #1 Priority for Brands and Agencies In 2010?

TurnHere just released some findings from a survey that they conducted in Q3 with brands and marketing agencies from a wide range of industries.  The purpose of the research study was to explore current and future trends in the use of online video amongst marketers …

Learnings From This Week’s Viral Video Success Stories – 10/14/2009

I'm a bit of a viral video nerd.  I like following the trends, seeing what videos are exploding versus those that are not, and then the real fun:  trying to figure out what makes one work where another fails.  It's a very inexact science. This …

The Relationship Between Social Media and Search

Comscore, in conjunction with social media agency m80, has released the findings of a new study on the relationship between search and social media.  The results are pretty interesting. Actually, the results, as presented by Comscore, read a bit like a copy of War & …

Video Marketing Strategy: Hosted Versus Posted Video

Video Marketing Strategy: Hosted Versus Posted Video

When implementing video online, at any point in time, marketers face a decision: to host or post video? Short for: should we host video on our own servers (or use a propietary video platform) or post the content to video sharing sites? Although such a …

MySpace + Hulu = YouTube Rival?

According to something I just read over at CNET, Rupert Murdoch is ready to create an online video monster, or at least to reshape MySpace into an 'entertainment hub.' How will he do that? By partnering the site up with Hulu.

Video Platforms – Interview With Sorenson 360 (Part 1)

I recently interviewed Eric Quanstrom, Vice President of Marketing and Strategy for Sorenson Media, about their video publishing and delivery platform, Sorenson 360. Eric explains what their company believes are the essentials for any business to have in selecting a video publishing and delivery solutions provider, and why he believes “Video Delivery Network” is a more appropriate term for his industry than “Online Delivery Platform” (OVP).

The Xspot – Local TV and Online Video Ad Convergence

Even though some consumers may be turning to the Internet more and more to watch television, TV is not going away anytime soon. For me, I need it to fall asleep ;-)  Likewise, local television ad spending is not going away anytime soon either.  Advertisers are …

7 Paths To Viral Video Marketing Success

Viral videos are the Holy Grail of Internet Marketing. Every individual, marketing firm, and corporation is striving to create a piece of video content that goes viral. Most of it is just shooting in the dark.

The M&M Show – Mediaite and Magnify Do Video Together is a white label video platform, and they're growing. Pulling in big names like The Weather Channel, Bicycling and New York Magazine has shown they certainly have something to offer. Now, they've scored another hit.

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