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Most Effective Online Video Marketing Channels Not Always Most Obvious [REPORT]

Most Effective Online Video Marketing Channels Not Always Most Obvious [REPORT]

So what do you think is the most effective online video marketing channel? Are you stuck in a company where you’re using channels you think aren’t effective? You wouldn’t be alone as this new report shows vast discrepancies in what companies are using versus what they think most effective. Do you agree with these results or do you have different experiences in the workplace?

YouTube Creative Commons Licensing for Remixes? I’ll Pass

YouTube Creative Commons Licensing for Remixes? Ill Pass

Yesterday YouTube added the option for users to select between two licenses for their videos: YouTube's standard license, which basically lets you retain ownership of your video while granting YouTube permission to host and share it; or a Creative Commons Attribution license (CC-BY), which allows …

Vimeo Announces Creative Commons Licensing – But Are Users’ Hands Tied?

Video hosting platform Vimeo yesterday announced on its blog its support for Creative Commons licensing, providing its members a more precise control over where and how others can use their own videos. But restrictions persist with how members can feature other rights-owners videos and other original works on Vimeo, even if they have the same clearances that Creative Commons provides.

Online Video Remix Culture – Study of Jumpcut

Just found this interesting research paper from the Georgia Institute of Technology titled, "Remixing Authorship: Reconfiguring the Author in Online Video Remix Culture."¬† It addresses the following question: "How can authorship be conceptualized in an environment where individuals an easily appropriate, share, and remix media …

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