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Changes Ahead for YouTube Video Page URLs

Over on the YouTube API Blog they're announcing an upcoming change to video page URLs that is interesting.  It's not a change that video viewers and every day users will notice, but is one that could impact developers–which is why it's showing up on the …

YouTube Direct Connects Users and Media Organizations

We all have video cameras or video-capable mobile phones and that means new ways to see what's happening in the world. Not only for you but for others as well. We get a eyewitness views of the events as they unfold and now, we can …

BitGravity – A Cool, Quick Embeddable Player + Major Content Delivery Network

Need to embed a video in a site super-duper fast? Why not try the 3 form version of Bitgravity Player 6. Give it a video URL, width and height and you're all set. But is it truly that easy?

Free Interactive Video for All – Veeple Launches Interplay

Back in June, I wrote about some survey results published by Marketing Sherpa where 73% of video marketers indicated that interactive video functionality has a positive effect on the effectiveness of a video ad message (again, I wonder about the other 27% but…).  At ReelSEO, we …

List of Online Video Platform APIs

As most of you know, an online video platform provides companies with video hosting and delivery services among various other features and functionality that can vary (analytics, ad networks, HD support, etc…).  Many of these online video platforms (and there are just too many right now …

YouTube Gives Users New Insight Into Video Discovery

YouTube is giving us all some more insight into what's going on with our videos. They just boosted their analytics tools (YouTube Insight) with three new features including stats on mobile users, subscribers and my favorite – discovery over time. 

Livestream APIs and Brightcove Integration

Livestream, formerly Mogulus, have released a set of open APIs for the service expanding the ability to integrate it into your online video strategy. Plus the service is also now able to integrate its live streaming with the Brightcove video player.

Adobe Gets Serious With Open Source – Opens Up That MF

Adobe has started to take open source video serious and now has the open source media framework (osmf, strobe). Read about Adobe opens up flash media player framework

Microsoft Silverlight 3 Offers H.264, Full HD, Dev Tools

Version 3 of Microsoft's video player is out and included a host of new functionality including H.264  and High-Definition video. The multimedia software is available for Mac OS X (Intel-based Macs), Linux and of course, Windows.

IE8 To Implement Some HTML 5 Features

HTML 5 just gained another ally in its adoption…Microsoft. Sure it might still be some time before HTML 5 is totally ready for the masses but with such early adopters like IE, Firefox and Safari now, it should start getting a heavy push to become …

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