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The Second Screen Revolution: Do Advertisers Need To Worry?

The Second Screen Revolution: Do Advertisers Need To Worry?

As we surge towards the internet of things, where the digital touchpoints to a consumer outnumber the digits they have to touch them, is it becoming increasingly difficult for the media advertising industry to remain in control?

The Art of Enchantment: How-to Captivate Audiences, Viewers, and Customers

The Art of Enchantment: How to Captivate Audiences, Viewers, and Customers

Author and venture capitalist Guy Kawasaki spoke at the ad:tech SF conference on the Art of Enchantment, sharing his tips on how to "enchant" audiences, customers, viewers, your boss, employees and more. Here are his tips from Daisy Whitney in this week's New Media Minute.

The Online Video Weekly News Reel – Nothing Edition

The Online Video Weekly News Reel   Nothing Edition

Nothing odd or otherwise noteworthy to report. Or rather there is and I just don't feel like it. It's Sunday and I want to get to some gaming as I'm currently playing Batman Arkham Asylum which I picked up on a Steam sale for $7.50 …

Self-Service Video Production Platform Review – Interview With AditAll ReelSEO’s Grant Crowell interviews’s Arthur McKinley on the advantages for marketers to use a self-service video platform for content and video advertising.

Clickable Video Monetization – Interview With CEO of VideoClix – VideoClix’s CEO -Babak Maghfourian talks about their video delivery platform producing “clickable revenue” for advertisers and publishers.

Turning Video Value Into Real Wealth – Interview With Shelly Palmer

I recently interviewed Shelly Palmer of Advanced Media Ventures and host of MediaBytes last week after his Digital Media Boot Camp at the recent ad tech conference in San Francisco. I asked Shelly about the challenges for monetizing video content into a sustainable business model, …

Monetizing Video Content With SEO – Interview With Red Bricks Media ReelSEO’s Grant Crowell interviews Ed Kim of Red Bricks Media about the importance for publishers to include Video SEO in their video content syndication efforts.

Online Video Syndication and Licensing Strategies – Interview With Digitalsmiths ReelSEO interviews Ben Weinberger of DigitalSmiths about the importance of professional video syndication and video licensing strategies for online video content.

Video Marketing and Fair Use EBook – Discount for ReelSEO Readers!

Media Mogul Daisy Whitney today released her eBook: Keeping You and Your Content Out of Court: A guide to understanding the Fair Use Doctrine in the digital media age. This eBook is being touted as a "must-read for media producers," and is now available for …

User Generated Video Platforms – “Show Me The Money” Can companies be profitable creating a UGC platform for video content? Is it time to be have this expectation for user generated video content? Grant does his rant and says yes, its time to say, “show me the money!”

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