The Sunday News Reel – The Week in Review 12-18 Sept. 2010

The Sunday News Reel   The Week in Review 12 18 Sept. 2010

We know, you're all busy and don't have time to catch everything that was important this week. So we are going to bring you a weekly news round up. Of course being ReelSEO we have to put a Reel in the title. I thought up the Sunday News Reel, after having tested ReelView and Reeview. This is the first of what will hopefully be a long line of updates. Grab some coffee, kiss the wife, pat the kids on the head and get your Reel Week in review.

Top Web Video News From Around The Web

ReelSEO isn't the end all, be all of Online video and video SEO news (even though we'd love to be). So it's only right that I seek out the hottest news for the week…elsewhere.

  1. The Sunday News Reel   The Week in Review 12 18 Sept. 2010Apple sees some trouble in its 99 cent plan as the WB CEO states it's too cheap, reports Web TV Wire. He's quoted as saying, "We just don't think the value proposition is a good one for us. [We'd rather not] open up a rental business in television at a low price."
  2. YouTube began testing a new Live Streaming system this past week. From their blog post, "This new platform integrates live streaming directly into YouTube channels; all broadcasters need is a webcam or external USB/FireWire camera."
  3. While not directly related to video or SEO, the InterWebs are all aflutter about the IAB's new initiative when they announced IAB Readying Next Phase Of Privacy Self-Regulation: Compliance. From the article we've learned that " the National Advertising Review Council has tapped the start-up Better Advertising to help monitor compliance with privacy principles."
  4. NewTeeVee reported on Samsung's new Media Hub calling it an iTunes Competitor. Considering they're also bringing a tablet (Galaxy Tab) I suppose it's only right they bring media with it.
  5. 9to5Mac talked about Apple's AirPlay being a 'Go to Market' Internet TV strategy. The big feature, they claim, is the ability to push a video to your TV from your iphone. No one but me watched that Google TV conference from Google I/O where they did the same with an Android handset, did they? I guess the really amazing thing is that it can play "any H.264 content from the web can be broadcast over Airplay to your HDTV," of course, Google TV can probably play any video that can be seen in a web browser and not just H.264. Considering they have Mac in their domain is it any surprise they're all aflutter about the "Flash Killer" campaign Steve Jobs has waged?
  6. The Sunday News Reel   The Week in Review 12 18 Sept. 2010

    Enrique Rodriguez, Cisco

    Finally, the head of Cisco, Enrique Rodriguez, told TV to get off their collectively large assets and get onto the net already. The Senior Vice-President and General Manager of Cisco Systems' Service Provider Video Technology Group said that TV providers shouldn't fight the Internet — they should embrace it. I'm inclined to agree with him. If you want to reach hundreds of millions of potential visitors quickly, it's definitely a way to go.

Top Read Stories This Week At ReelSEO

  1. The Sunday News Reel   The Week in Review 12 18 Sept. 2010Jeremy Scott's The Tippex Interactive Ad tops the reading list this week even after being posted the week prior. Clearly there's a lot of interest in this outside-the-box video ad.
  2. Second on the reading list was Grant Crowell's Improving Online Video Creative Use And Monetization which shows amazing staying power as it was published back in March. (forgive my Sunday morning typing Grant…pretty Please?!)
  3. The Top News story for the week was An In-Depth Look At The Impact Of Google Instant On SEO & PPC – Is SEO Dead? which seems to be the buzz in the SEO world these days. Find out just exactly what it means for you.
  4. The Sunday News Reel   The Week in Review 12 18 Sept. 2010My very own HDR Video – What It Is, Why You Want It And Its Future made the list as well which has a pretty amazing video from Soviet Montage in it and could be a taste of the future of video.
  5. Also quite popular is the registration page for the upcoming ReelSEO Make Your Videos Discoverable – Google Video Sitemaps Best Practices webinar which is set for Wednesday, September 29th. OK, it's an event more than a story, but hey, it's popular and going to exceptional just based on the people involved.
  6. I hit the list a second time with my Microsoft Moves To HTML5 Video For ESPN Xbox 360 Application. It seems to be big news for the platform and could be for the industry as well as it could open that platform to more content overall.
  7. When you write as much as I do, I guess you're bound to hit a trifecta now and again. This week I did just that with the Logitech Revue With Google TV Priced & Dated, Dish Network Offers Deal? article. Considering the level of interest in Google TV, I'm not surprised.

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