The Sunday News Reel – Week of 3-10 October, 2010

The Sunday News Reel   Week of 3 10 October, 2010

I'm back from my apparent slacking off last weekend (you do know that playing video games is my job right?!) This week, now that Mark has a new appreciation of the work one of these requires, we've gone back to combining it all into one article for you so you can grab your Sunday morning coffee, put your feet up and catch up on all the latest news in the industry. Well, much of it anyway.

Popular at ReelSEO this week:

It seems that Google TV dominated both ReelSEO's offerings and the readers attention this week as three of the top five articles pertain to it.

Video News From Across The Web

Out on the other sites I've pulled together a list of what seems to be hot out in the world this week and it ranges from rumors to fact, and even a little mud-slinging it seems.

Rumor Mongering and more:

Microsoft and Adobe Meet in Anti-Apple Strategy Session? They certainly did meet and anonymous sources say it was how better they might take on Apple. I think they were just playing some games on an Xbox 360 personally.

Google TV is all the Rage

Continuing the trend of coverage, Google TV was all over the place, not just ReelSEO

Sony Announces TV lineup, set-top box coming?

Online Video Meets TV

Cisco Brings High-end Videoconferencing to the Living Room, for a price – A really hefty price no less. Can't we already do this with half a dozen other appliances? Perhaps this was the main reason for all those video-based purchases The Sunday News Reel   Week of 3 10 October, 2010over the last year. You might have read my article on their ExtendMedia purchase, where I also speculated about them building an end-to-end online video solution…

Logitech CEO says Cisco Pricing  on Video Conferencing is Crazy – Well he didn't quite say that, but considering that Logitech makes webcams, even some over-priced ones ($150) for use with their Revue Google TV boxes ($299.99) (and if you combined them you might do video conferencing on your TV for really cheap), it's almost mud slinging here. Though, I do have to say $899 is far too much even if it is ultra-cool, then again, so is $450, right?

TV Meets Online Video

HULU Supposedly to have Massive IPO This Year - It's being quoted at around $2B, and here we all thought they were in all sorts of trouble with content licensing, subscription pricing and tons of ad displays…I guess we were all fooled…or were we?

Video Advertising

IAB Says Video Advertising not just about CTR – Says that we're not taking into account how consumers consume ads. All other advertising isn't acted on immediately so CTR isn't an accurate read. Huh and here I thought saying Twinkie would make you all run out to your local 7-11 to grab up a box.

Microsoft Closing In-game Ad company Massive They still believe in the power of video game ads, just want a bigger cut of the pie so they'll do it on Xbox LIVE. EA pulled their campaign from Massive which was probably 70% of their bookings, like Lucky Strike is in Mad Men.

Government Regulation

New Act to Regulate Closed Captioning for Digital VideoTwenty-First Century Communications and Video Accessibility Act of 2010 sets commissions and committees to create standard and regulations on closed captioning, video description and emergency information for those with disabilities in US. Good news for closed captioning services, bad for content publishers? Find out this week at ReelSEO as I read through the 72 page Act and talk to some industry people about it.

Government Wannabes Hit YouTube for Advertising

This made me laugh and showed the continued expansion of online video advertising Will Video for Food found some local politicians trolling for support on YouTube.

Jumping the Gun

VentureBeat published an article talking about TubeMogul grabbing $1M, then pulled it. Then published another with the proper $10M number (we'll talk to TubeMogul about how that money will work to your advantage I hope). Here's the news from TubeMogul themselves.

Money for Nothing and Tweets for Free

Well, not quite, but it sounded like a good topic. Twitter CEO says they've got a handle on advertising: promoted Tweets and more could be "millions" in the very very near term. Color me skeptical…

New SEO Marketplace

Contact, compare, buy SEO services and writers. I found this new software service that almost feels like Elance but only for SEO (you can find SEO writers on Elance as well FYI, I'm on there). I'm going to try and get into this software and see just what the deal is. It sounds like a sort of standard freelance marketplace just aimed only at SEO.

Well, if you're still here, and still drinking coffee, I think it's time you go play with the kids or pet or just go watch the grass grow. After all, it's Sunday! Me? I'm going to play some video games…for work, honestly!

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